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Is Chocolate Good for You?

Is Chocolate Good for You?

Far off the coast of Panama, on a remote island, there lives a native tribe called the Kuna, who maintain remarkably good health.

Despite their daily indulgence in decadent treats, they have six times less incidence of heart attack, 17 times less incidence of stroke, and 18 times less incidence of cancer than their mainland contemporaries.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Kunas that are retirement-age and older have blood pressure rates that rival those of any healthy 20-year old.

So what’s their secret?  Well, it isn’t good genes.  It’s something delicious and nutritious.

The Food of the Gods…


Your SHAPE determines your body's SHAPE

Your SHAPE determines your body's SHAPE

The definition of SHAPE is: "The quality of a distinct body".

What is the quality of your body right now? 

 The goal of SHAPE is to eliminate the stress that circulates in our bodies and to get our bodies moving! If we do those two things, the quality of our body will improve rapidly!

 So how do we do it?

  •  MOVE...

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