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5 smart hacks at home that you should try on your next schedule for general cleaning!

5 smart hacks at home that you should try on your next schedule for general cleaning!
  1. Packing tape as a duster.
It’s easy to ignore lampshades, speakers, and the insides of drawers because it's tough to get them clean with regular dusting. With its strong adhesive, packing tape is the answer—it grabs dirt from fabric and crevices.
Press a foot-long stretch of tape onto the surface, then pull it back to pick up the grime. To get crumbs out of drawers, ball up the tape, leaving much of the sticky side facing out. Tap the ball onto the debris, applying extra pressure to catch stubborn pieces.
  1. Polymer-based car wax to prevent toilet-bowl stains.
Clean the toilet to remove existing stains, then back the water out. Shut off the water valve by turning it all the way to the right; flush the toilet, holding down the handle until most of the water flows from the tank; and pour a bucket of water into the bowl. Dry the interior with a cotton cloth, and use a separate cloth to apply the protectant. Make sure to open a window for ventilation. Let sit for 10 minutes, then replenish the water by turning the valve left to open. For upkeep, every three months pour ½ cup distilled white vinegar into the bowl to prevent water rings from forming.
  1. Clean marks on upholstery with shaving cream.
Shaving cream, is essentially a whipped soap, and an ideal substitute. Its lather can penetrate nearly any stain and lift it to the surface. (Test first in an inconspicuous place.)
Apply a small dollop to a damp cloth. (Use a standard white shaving cream as much as possible) Dab this onto the spot and let sit for 20-30 mins, blot with a clean, then damp cloth. If any stain remains, reapply and let sit overnight.
  1. Get rid of crayon marks on your walls with toothpaste.
Cleaning sprays can discolor walls. Yes? But a white, non-gel toothpaste that contains baking soda acts as a fine abrasive to rub away wax without leaving a tint.
Apply with a clean toothbrush, scrub gently, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  1. Clean your mattress with a spritz of vodka.
Mattress upkeep is often overlooked, even though pros suggest quarterly cleanings we all don’t really follow that rule. Or is it just me? Lol.. Vodka is an odorless disinfectant that evaporates fast, so you’ll never have to do a deep cleaning.
Using a vodka-filled spray bottle, spritz the mattress and pillows when changing the sheets and wave goodbye to those that is not visible in our eyes who savagely bite our backs at their convenience.