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Giant Outdoor Memory Game for Kids

Making a memory game from paper plates is easy, and playing with this paper plate memory game is fun!

One can play outdoors, if the weather permits, or take it inside too!

This game is great for developing visual memory skills.

To make this memory game you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Sharpies/markers or paint

You can draw anything such as shapes, colors or even printed images if you'd like. 

Obviously, one needs two of a kind to make a pair.  But one can make however many plate pairs you’d like.

This game can be used as a pairing activity for younger kids too! A fun way to work on visual memory, and visual discrimination.


source: 123homeschool4me

How to make a bubble snake maker

How to make a bubble snake maker?

  • Bottle
  • Scissors *
  • Elastic band
  • Flannel, face cloth or an old sock
  • Bubble mixture and water
  • Food colouring (optional)

Find a clean, empty plastic bottle. 

Using a pair of scissors or a craft knife (and  *adult supervision), help your child by cutting the bottom off the plastic bottle.

With your kids, cover the open end of your bottle with a piece of fabric that is similar to a washcloth or cotton sock.  We used a flannel and cut it into a circle shape (to keep the ends from dipping into your bubble mixture).

Secure with a rubber band to keep the fabric in place. No elestic band then don't worry just wrap it in tape.

Make your own bubble mixture (the mixture isn’t safe to drink)

Homemade bubble mixture is a doddle to make, but you really need to remember the magic ingredient!

  • Washing up liquid
  • Water
  • Glycerine (found in the baking section at the supermarket)

Mix 3 tablespoons of washing up liquid with 250ml of water (distilled water gives the best results) and add 1 tablespoon of glycerine.  This mix is best left overnight to settle before using.

Place your bubble mix into a shallow bowl or plate.

Dip the fabric in the bubble solution and give the bottle a blow.  Blowing slowly produces the longest snakes.  We had a lot of wind and it kept blowing our snakes away!

source: @muminthemadhouse

Easy Two - Ingredient Cloud Dough

Easy Two - Ingredient Cloud Dough

Easy Two - Ingredient Cloud Dough


Easy Cloud Dough Ingredients

  • Hair conditioner. Any kind, as long as it’s creamy and CHEAP. Don’t use the expensive stuff. Keep in mind that your play dough will smell like the conditioner, so use something that smells great.
  • Cornstarch.
  • A bowl.
  • A popsicle stick or spatula.
  • Gel food colors (optional)

How to Make Cloud Dough

Put equal parts hair conditioner and cornstarch in your bowl, and start mixing them together. It will most likely look like marshmallow fluff at this point, which is way too wet.

Start adding more cornstarch in slowly and mixing as you go. You’ll end up with close to a 2 part cornstarch to 1 part conditioner ratio, but that depends on your brand of conditioner and cornstarch. Once it isn’t quite coming together with the spatula, use your hands and start squishing it together. If it’s too wet, add more cornstarch. If it feels too dry, add more conditioner. When you’re happy with the feel of your cloud dough, roll it up into a big ball!

If you want to add color, just grab some gel food colors. Separate your cloud dough into balls for how many different colors you want, and use your knuckle to make an indent in the ball. Add one drop of color to each ball.

Then fold up the dough around the color drop, and start mixing it in until the color is fully incorporated. If the dough feels too wet after adding the color, just sprinkle on a tiny bit of cornstarch and kneed it in.

Source: woojr

And you’re all done!