Bought this for my 7 year old for his 2nd grade graduation gift. He had been asking for awhile. Well what a hit it turned out to be. He is attempting to get as many steps in as possible and I find him walking in circles just to get his steps. He feels the need to share how many steps he has with me very frequently. LOL. He loves that it tells the time. He even said "mom I want to go for a run with you next time you go". What a motivating gift for a kid. Encourages fitness and healthy habits. I'll be ordering one for my nephew too. Thank you!

Excellent Purchase.
Item shipped as promised and arrived as expected.
Works Great. Thanks Trendy PRO!

Exactly as described! I am a summer camp counselor and I really wanted something that wasn't too expensive (because things don't last when you're working with kids!!) and that would give me the time and keep track of my steps for the day. This does exactly that and the app is super awesome - keeps track of my day and my week, allows me to set goals, and it syncs with the iPhone health app, which is pretty cool!
The waterproof is a definite plus since we do a lot of water activities and I haven't had any problems with it since I received it a couple of weeks ago. Overall, I definitely recommend this product - great price and great quality!

I bought this for my grand daughters seventh birthday bacause both her mom and I wear fitbirs. She was beyond excited to get her very own. I love this because it is made for kids and kid friendly as well! She and her mom both like to run, they have signed up for and run a kids run through her school and a color run not too far from where they live. Now she can see for herself how many steps she's taking! On a funny note, one afternoon she was close to 9000 steps and started running around her yard!! Her Aunt told her she's have to run ALOT but she was determined to get those steps in lol She almost made it!

My daughter Loves her new device. She can't stop walking around the house and checking her steps and calories burned. It's the cutest thing and keeps her off the iPad for a while. ;)

This band comes with so many features! My personal favorite is the extra pink set of bands. It comes with black bands and an extra set. You can also order them in blue, purple, and turquoise. This tracker watches your calories, sleep, walking steps and distance, social media notifications, calls, read texts, stopwatch, is a remote to operate your camera on your phone, and helps you find your phone. The app is very easy to navigate. It has some extras too like changing from day to night screens. Another great feature is that there is no special charger. Just take the band off and plug it in your USB port. That makes it chargeable in the car and elsewhere. The ease of use and colored bands make this tracker something you can gift and get your whole family into. The tracker synced with my phone with no problem. You may also sync it to a tablet. Having the remote camera button is helpful to me since I do many pics and videos that may require me away from the phone when doing so. I honestly thought it would be hard to get used to wearing since I did not previously wear a watch. It really took no time. the comfort is there! I ordered through Amazon and received it quickly. This has been the motivation I needed. I feel I am competing against the tracker to reach my goals.