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Summer Lanterns

Going on camping this summer? These lanterns were made with 100% recycled materials! (except the PVA glue).

You don’t really have to go on camping to use these lanterns. You can just set up a small bonfire on your backyard, setup a DIY tent or you can just use any linen to sit on the grass while munching on some smores and sharing some stories with your kids or family. This will be a great idea for your weekend bonding with your kids and they will surely enjoy and treasure this moment!

Jar Lanterns are so easy to make – all you need is an old jar, some tissue paper and water down PVA (white) glue or decoupage glue.

Below are the steps to follow:

1) Cut the tissue papers or japanese papers into small squares or your preferred shape – they don’t have to be super neat, but 1cm x 1cm in rough size is good enough.

2) Apply a layer to the cleaner jar.

3) Add your tissue papers or japanese papers in different colors.

4) Add glue over it and add another 2-4 layers of tissue paper depending on the effect you would like.

5) Feel free to add silhouettes in black.

6) Put the candles inside.

Watch the video below  and see how easy they are to make and for youngsters to help you make these.

Happy Crafting!!