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DIY Target Golf for future golfers!

DIY Target Golf for future golfers!

I’ve been getting requests for more indoor activities for kids lately. I’m really overwhelmed and inspired me to try and share more! Yep, if you’re a mom and have kids that cannot take their hands off from their gadgets or gaming consoles, you’re definitely not alone!

Most of the ideas I will be sharing here came from the internet and other pins in Pinterest that I also follow. And I find this DIY Target Golf really fun and easy to make.

You just take a cardboard box and place numbers over each entry hole that you create. Allow your child the opportunity to hit a golf ball into one of the holes. Whoever scores the most wins. That’s it!

You can add something creative as you want but below are the basic things you need:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Colored Papers for the numbering and flag
  • Straw or stick for the flag
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Club for hitting the balls


You can get a set of Golf club and balls at any toy store near you or just create your own. Luckily, my eldest kid got one as a gift last Christmas so I didn’t have to buy one. Enjoy!

Racing Pompom Balls

Racing Pompom Balls

Kids been playing on their tablets and phones all day especially during summer break and it’s been a challenge on what’s going to keep them busy without using any gadgets. This game somehow has been their favorite so far!

Racing Pompom balls is a great activity for a bad weather day, a day that’s just too hot to play outside or can be on your party game list too!


It’s so easy you can just tape a track to the floor (with any colored masking tape) and allow them to blow pompom balls around the track with a straw. You’ll be surprised how this game brings out that competitive nature in kids.

The challenging part is how to keep the pompom balls on the track which also good for hand-eye coordination.

Below are the things you need to prepare for:

  • Colored masking tape
  • Pompom balls
  • Straw
  • Clear space enough for the players to play
  • You can add some obstacles like putting some rings, basket as a trap or tissue holder as tunnels
  • Rewards and Consolation Prizes for the winner/s


I did prepare 5 Snickers and 5 home-made chocolate chip cookies as a consolation price and a handful of Reeses for the winner. Trust me, they didn’t really care about the prizes as they all just want to win they had to dispute and did a rematch. Lol!