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Sensory Play Bubble Wrap

Need a quick and fun activity to do with your toddler? This sensory play bubble wrap activity is full of fun and super simple, too!

Bubble wrap is so much fun and there are so many things you can do with it!

Sensory play is also so good for young children. This is a quick and cheap sensory activity! It’s also COMPLETELY EDIBLE (well, the yogurt paint is), so it’s safe for babies and toddlers who put EVERYTHING in their mouths (like mine do).

Your baby could do this activity on their tummy. Most babies can start eating yogurt around 7-8 months. This would be a great activity even if they are on their tummy. Just watch them closely with the bubble wrap and tape to make sure none of those go in their mouth.

So if you have a bunch of bubble wrap from a recent package, then you should try this super fun activity! I’m sure your toddler will have a blast – at least mine did! They love messy stuff.

What you will need for the Sensory Play Bubble Wrap:

  • Cookie Sheet (or you could tape it to a table)
  • Painter’s Tape (for taping down the bubble wrap so it doesn’t move)
  • Yogurt (any will do but I like plain so I can easily add food coloring to it)
  • Food Coloring (optional but my twins like all the different colors. Plain yogurt works just fine and might be good if your child eats a lot of it)
  • Muffin pan (for the yogurt paint)
  • Paint brushes or other items to paint with

Setting up this Activity:

  • Put a scoop or two of plain or vanilla yogurt into the muffin pan. I just did 5 spots in the muffin pan because we did 5 colors.
  • Add in a drop or two of food coloring.
  • Stir up well (your toddler could help you)
  • Tape bubble wrap to a cookie sheet using Painter’s Tape
  • Give them paint brushes or other utensils to use (or just their hands work great)

They really did keep the yogurt on the cookie sheet because they were so fascinated with the bubble wrap. So there wasn’t too much clean up!