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Paint and Tape Resist Art Project

This is my favorite so far! The idea of my kids doing abstract painting really excites me. You might be raising the future Vincent Van Gogh - you’ll never know! The finished product will make you feel so proud you’ll have it displayed in your living room like I did!


  • White paper, watercolor paper or a small canvass
  • Paint brushes
  • Paints in various colors or watercolors
  • Painter’s tape


  • Setup the materials outside so they would feel free to create without worrying about making a mess.
  • Start by placing pieces of painter’s tape all over our blank paper. Let the kids decide wherever they wish to put the tapes on.
  • Once done with the tape placement, it’s time to get the supplies ready. Squirt the paint into plastic cups and add a brush to each.
  • Now let the splatter painting begin! Give them a quick demonstration of splatter painting, and then let the kids go at it.
  • After the splattered paint was dry, remove the tape to reveal the designs!


Make it a habit to keep all your kids’ artworks as a remembrance. They really do grow up so fast so you better treasure these moments and crafts you have been doing with them while they’re still young! :)