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Backyard Treasure Hunt with Picture Clues

It’s scavenger hunt week here at Inspiration Laboratories. We’ve been having so much fun. We’ve shared hunts to do inside, toddler hunts, preschool hunts, hunts that the neighbor kids will love, and now we’re sharing one that’s perfect for the backyard. Print out the picture clues, invite some friends, and head outside.

This treasure hunt is so easy to set up. Seriously, just print out the backyard treasure hunt picture clues and laminate them with contact paper. I’ve made 18 clues for you. Select the ones that work for your backyard. Make the hunt as long or as short as you like. Maybe start with just 5 clues for younger kids. With older kids, see if you can use them all.

picture clues


I love that this treasure hunt works in a variety of yard sizes. We played in our own small backyard. We also took the clues to a play date at our friends’ bigger backyard.

Plan out your hunt with one clue leading to the next.

clue in plant

Head to the watering can next.

clue in watering can

Keep working your way through the clues.

clue on slide

Some clues might be really easy to find (like the clue on the swing). Others might be more difficult. How many trees are in your backyard? How much grass? You’ll have to look in several places to find the next clue.

clue on swing

Eventually, you’ll end your hunt at the treasure.

treasure in grass

Once your kids get the hang of the treasure hunts, they can create them for each other. Place the pictures in a different order or use different clues. It’s fun to play this again and again!


source: inspirationlaboratories