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Racing Pompom Balls

Racing Pompom Balls

Kids been playing on their tablets and phones all day especially during summer break and it’s been a challenge on what’s going to keep them busy without using any gadgets. This game somehow has been their favorite so far!

Racing Pompom balls is a great activity for a bad weather day, a day that’s just too hot to play outside or can be on your party game list too!


It’s so easy you can just tape a track to the floor (with any colored masking tape) and allow them to blow pompom balls around the track with a straw. You’ll be surprised how this game brings out that competitive nature in kids.

The challenging part is how to keep the pompom balls on the track which also good for hand-eye coordination.

Below are the things you need to prepare for:

  • Colored masking tape
  • Pompom balls
  • Straw
  • Clear space enough for the players to play
  • You can add some obstacles like putting some rings, basket as a trap or tissue holder as tunnels
  • Rewards and Consolation Prizes for the winner/s


I did prepare 5 Snickers and 5 home-made chocolate chip cookies as a consolation price and a handful of Reeses for the winner. Trust me, they didn’t really care about the prizes as they all just want to win they had to dispute and did a rematch. Lol!