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Egg Parachutes

The goal is to make each one float back to the ground with its parachute catching air. That was something we need to explore!

Here are the supplies for the science experiments:

  • Plastic egg halves
  • Large plastic straws
  • Narrow bendy straws
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Wooden ice cream spoons
  • Wood chopsticks
  • Coffee filters
  • Masking tape

Putting the Egg Parachutes Together

The two matching connectors were taped inside each of the plastic egg halves. We added tape that crossed from the inside of the egg to the outside around each connector to make sure it stayed in place. Then a ring of the tape was added to the outside of each of the eggs to hold the outside edges of the crisscrosses in place.

Source: jdaniel4smom.com

Then we taped the connectors to the outside of a coffee filter. To add another variable we could have taped connector to the inside of the coffee filter. We have to try more science experiments using that idea on another day.

Your children will have fun conducting science experiments with plastic Easter eggs. After they have attended an egg hunt, you will have plenty of eggs to conduct experiments with.