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20 simple ways to make money without doing anything

20 simple ways to make money without doing anything

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You can easily score some extra cash without doing much. iStock

Making money takes work, but work is too hard.

Luckily, there are some ways to make money with little to no effortThanks to apps, basic investment tools, and savvy shopping strategies, you can make get extra cash without doing much.

Though some of these methods do take some work upfront, they can set you up to earn passive income for the long term.

Here are 32 ways to make money with minimum effort.

1. Get cash back on credit cards.

credit cards
Imagine all that cash back. 
Sean MacEntee/Flickr/Attribution License

Credit cards often offer cash back as a reward for making purchases. What this means is, for every purchase you make, the credit card company will give you a small percentage of the money back.

The percentage differs between credit cards and categories. So, for example, one type of credit card might offer 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Another might offer 1% back on most purchases, but 5% back on gas and travel purchases. An app called Birch can help you figure out which credit card is best for a particular category.

You also often have to reach a certain threshold of payment to be able to cash in. And cards will often allow you to redeem your cash back as "points" to purchase things directly from the credit card company's website instead.

2. Invest in index funds.

iOS and Android robinhood
Robinhood is an app that lets you easily invest in stocks. 

It's generally a really bad idea to try to play the stock market unless you're a financial professional.

There's one exception: index funds. Investing in a small number of stocks is a volatile business. It's possible to make a lot of money, but you could lose a lot, too.

Investing in index funds puts a little bit of money in a lot of stocks. Those stocks track parts of the stock market as a whole. One index fund known as the S&P 500 has grown by more than 2,000% over the last 40 years, so it's a relatively safe, stable fund to invest in.

However, you likely don't stand to lose or gain as much money as you would if you invest in individual stocks.

To invest in stocks, the easiest way would be to get a brokerage account at a bank like Charles Schwab.

You can also use the free stock trading app Robinhood, which gives you a free share in a stock, usually worth around $5, if you sign up with a referral code.

3. Refer people to apps.

uber black car
Sharing an Uber with a friend can make you money. 
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If you use an app often enough, referral credit is as good as cold, hard cash. Uber and Lyft (ride-sharing), Seamless (food), Proper Cloth, Spier & Mackay, and Everlane (clothes), and other apps and sites offer you some credit for every person you refer who uses the app to make a purchase.

4. Become a referral source for local businesses.

This guy looks like he's doing a good job. Maybe he'll give you some cash if you refer him to a friend. 
Katarina Stoltz/REUTERS

A lot of small, local businesses — like landscapers, electricians, and home improvement companies — spread by word-of-mouth. Many of them pay referral fees for people to help spread a good word about their businesses.

So the next time you have your plumber over, ask if they offer referral bonuses. And if they do a good job, take advantage of that when you recommend them to a friend.

5. Write a book and get royalties.

Barter Books, Alnwick, UK
You can never have enough books. 

Okay, so this one takes a bit of work. But lets say you're an expert on a subject. On Marissa Mayer and the company Yahoo!, for example (now available in paperback). Once you actually write the book and put your expertise to paper, then get it published, you're pretty much done.

From then on, whenever people buy your book, you get paid in royalties. The precise amount of royalties are contingent on your contract with the book publisher.

6. Cut out the middleman with self publishing.

amazon brick mortar bookstore kindle
Amazon's brick-and-mortar Seattle bookstore. 
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

If you self publish on Amazon or another self-publishing platform, there are standardized contracts that pay out depending on how many people download the ebook or read it through Amazon's ebook-lending program. That way, you can cut out the middlemen of the publishing industry and make a higher percentage of profit from your own book.

7. Create an online course and get paid for it.

Studying online
This person is looking for an online class on the subject of your expertise, probably. 

Let's say you're an expert in a subject, but don't think that a book is the right way to communicate the knowledge you want to share. 

You can do it with an online course. You can make and upload one to Udemy, for example, and set your own price points. Whenever someone buys the course, you'll get paid.

8. Make a website and get advertisement revenue.

serious woman doing taxes on computer working
Make money in a snap online. 

If you're an expert in a subject, but that subject isn't fit for a book project or an online course, set up a website!

Use Wordpress, Weebly, or some other web-creation platform to make a site and make your guide there. Then sell online ads — which you can do with Google, for example — on your site so that you get some spare revenue whenever someone reads your work.

If you'd rather implement a paywall instead of advertising, the startup Verst can help you do just that.

9. Or make a YouTube video guide.

If you're an expert on making the world's largest Nerf gun, for example, go on YouTube and teach the world. 
Mark Rober/Youtube

Stick with me. Let's say you're an expert on a subject, but the best way to convey your information isn't in a book, an online course, or a post on the web. Instead, consider making a YouTube video.

YouTube is filled with thousands and thousands of guides on every topic imaginable. If you're an expert on how to do a factory reset on an iPhone, you can make a video about that. If you're an illustrator and want to explain the vocabulary of your trade, you can make a video about that.

As with the web, YouTube lets you set up ads on your videos. People searching for those subjects will find your videos, watch them, and then the ad revenue will roll in indefinitely.

10. Play video games and stream it.

PewDiePie signs copies of book 2015
PewDiePie is one of the most popular stars on YouTube. 
John Lamparski/Getty Images

There's an enormous audience for people who want to see people play video games on the internet. And that audience can be monetized. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, has the most-subscribed channel on YouTube and all he does is play video games and crack jokes.

The best ways to do it is by setting up an account on the video game livestreaming service Twitch, where you can set up donations and join its affiliate system. You can also turn those videos into a YouTube channel, where people like watching skilled gamers guide audiences through difficult games.

11. If you already have a website, use referral links.

Woman in coat using mobile phone after shopping fashion instagram
Referrals are a handy way to make money by being helpful. 

Whether your website is an online guide, a blog, or whatever else, use referral and affiliate links whenever you discuss a product.

Sites like Amazon, for example, let you add a bit of code in the URL of a product. If anyone buys the product through that URL, you get a percentage of the revenue from that purchase.

12. Get even more cash back with Rakuten.

Make that money. 
Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun/REUTERS

Thousands of online stores, whether it's J.Crew or Amazon, also offer cashback for purchases you make on their sites. You just need to know where to look.

The website Rakuten — formerly known as Ebates — catalogs almost all of them.

If you shop with their browser extension installed, it'll tell you when cashback or coupons are available. You can also use the extension Wikibuy or Honey, which have Rakuten integration built-in, and additionally checks in the background if the item you're shopping for is cheaper on a different website.

TopCashBack is another good Ebates alternative. It's a bit harder to use but sometimes offers better rates.

13. Invest with Stash and get $5.

Stash is a helpful saving app. 

Stash is another app that, like Robinhood, lets you invest in different stocks. You get a $5 bonus just for joining that you can use toward investments.

14. Save your money in a high-yield savings account.

piggy banks
Piggy banks have alarmingly low APYs of 0%. 
Tim Wimborne/REUTERS

When you save your money in a savings account, banks often give you extra money based on interest.

Sometimes their interest rates can be low — below inflation rates, even — which means you're effectively losing money. The interest figure, often referred to as "APY," can differ based on which country or state you live in and what each bank offers in your area. On the low end, they're about 0.01%, assuming you meet the bank's minimum requirements.

But with a high yield savings account, you can get an APY of about 1%. It isn't much, but it's significantly higher than what a low-interest account would offer.

Unless you have a lot of savings, it's hard to be eligible for a high-yield savings account from a traditional bank. Instead, you'll probably have to park your money in an online banklike Ally or Synchrony. Since they don't have brick-and-mortar stores, they pass the money they save on rent to the consumers, with things like high-yield savings and by reimbursing users for ATM fees.

15. Use Acorns to invest your spare change.

Acorns app
The Acorns app. 

The app Acorns also offers a similarly safe, relatively stable way to make a little extra money.

It's an app that lets you link credit or debit cards to it. When you make a purchase, it rounds up the price and then invests the difference into stock portfolios.

So for example, let's say you buy a cup of coffee for $2.69. You can instruct acorns to charge your credit card $3, and then invest the extra 31 cents into an index fund, or in another stock portfolio.

Bank of America has a similar program called Keep the Change, which puts the difference into a savings account.

16. Invest in high-dividend stocks.

new york stock exchange
The New York Stock Exchange 
Wikimedia Commons

Among the funds you invest in, make some high-dividend stocks.

There are two kinds of dividends: cash dividends and stock dividends.

Cash dividends are when companies give shareholders cash based on their profits, and stock dividends are when corporations give shareholders extra stock.

Dividends are given for different reasons, but they're ways that companies reward shareholders for holding on to a stock.

The list of companies that regularly give out dividends sometimes changes, but you can find some recent ones on finance sites like The Motley Fool.

17. Be in a commercial.

LeBron James Beats by Dre commercial
How much do you think LeBron made for this commercial? 
Beats by Dre/Youtube

Any actor will tell you that getting an acting gig — even a commercial — is tough. But if you live in a major metropolitan area, though, it isn't as difficult to become an extra.

If the contract is good, you can make some serious money. One of my friends was featured in a Target commercial that was in heavy rotation during the 2012 Summer Olympics. He got $500 every time it aired and used the cash to pay off a good chunk of his college tuition.

Here's more info on how to become an extra and what it's like.

18. Airbnb your unused apartment or room.

kimye airbnb
Kim and Kanye are known Airbnb users. 
Douglas Elliman and Jamie McCarthy/Getty

If your kids have flown the coop and you have an extra room in your house, or if you're traveling for awhile and won't be in your apartment, consider renting it out for the short term on websites like Airbnb or VRBO.

They basically allow you to turn your room into a hotel. You can list your room, set rental dates and prices, and people visiting the area will pay you to live in your room for a short amount of time.

How much you can make depends on the rental market in your area. If you have an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for example, you can stand to make a pretty penny by renting out your room while you go backpacking in Europe for the summer. But if you're in Pittsfield, Maine, you might not find as much demand for your house's extra bedroom.

19. Use Bing.

microsoft bing search
Maybe giving up Google is worth it. 
Elaine Thompson/AP

With Microsoft Rewards, Microsoft will give you money just by using Bing instead of Google. Seriously.

20. Sell old books on Amazon.

Acqua Alta bookstore Venice
Used bookstores can carry amazing treasures. 

If you have a bunch of old books lying around that you never plan to read again, you can put them in a box and ship them to Amazon to sell for you. Whenever one gets sold, they'll take a cut and then give you the remainder of the profits. The decluttering process is a simple one that get's broken down here



source: Jacob Shamsian