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13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

When you’re getting ready to travel, you should take small tricks into account that could make your journey so much easier. In this article, you’ll find out how to make your vacations fun and easy. For example, how to avoid carrying heavy items and what to do if you forget your skewers at home.

If you are at your country house and you’ve forgotten to take skewers, you can use garden rakes. Just don’t forget to wash it before using it.

You can use an empty lipstick container as a hiding place.

13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

Stick a dryer sheet in your suitcase with your clothes to keep them smelling fresh.

Pack breakables and jewelry in your shoes while traveling.

If you don’t have a special box for glasses or jewelry and you want to keep them safe, put them into soft shoes.

Use Ziploc bags.

Pack your sun screen, bug sprays, etc. into Ziploc bags. For more details, see here.

Dry your swimsuits correctly.

If you don’t want water from your wet swimsuits to drip on the floor, place the clothesline inside the shower. For more details, see here. If you don’t have a clothesline, dry your suits on the shower curtain rod.

Keep your toilet paper dry.

If you don’t want your toilet paper to get wet during camping, place it inside a plastic bottle. For more details, see here.

If you want to eat Chinese food on your trip and don’t want to get dirty, take rubber bands with you.

13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

Don’t take a big toothpaste tube on your journey.

If you don’t want to take the whole tube of toothpaste with you, make small drops of your toothpaste and let them dry. Then put them in a plastic bag. Each drop is enough for one brushing. For more details, see here.

If the heels of your shoes have become uncomfortable to you because you’ve worn them for so long, put plastic cards in their place.

Use a plastic cup for more powerful sound.

13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

If you want to make the sound of your computer louder, cut a plastic glass in half and place like it’s shown in the above picture. For more details, please see here.

If you’re afraid to get your music player wet, attach it to your hair band.

How to pack your clothes compactly:

13 Travel Life Hacks You May Want to Know Before Your Next Trip

Bonus: Life hacks from users for all occasions

  • If you forgot to take your neck pillow on the airplane, you can roll a blanket and put it under your neck. This life hack is pretty old but during my last 4 flights, I haven’t seen anyone use it. © amd64ryuu
  • My colleague and I happened to be on a train that was traveling for 1.5 days, without food. The prices in the dining car were too expensive, but we still needed to eat. So, we got an idea. Why not order food delivery right to the train? We found out when and where the next long stop of the train would be, found a delivery service there, gave them the number of our carriage, and 1.5 hours later we were happily eating our delicious pizza. The delivery guy told us afterward that it wasn’t his first delivery like this. © chakichun
  • We had a connection in Moscow that was 10 hours long. We wanted to walk around the city during this time, but we had too much luggage. The self-storage lockers were all taken, while the guy from the storage room asked for $20 a bag, and we had 3 of them. So, we found a hostel nearby and asked them if we could leave our bags there. We wanted to pay for a night, but the manager just asked for $2 and put our bags in a special storage room. We happily spent almost the entire day walking around Moscow. © nusiaia
  • How to not fall asleep behind the steering wheel if music isn’t helping any longer, but you still have to drive further? The safest way, of course, is to pull over and to take a nap! But I put as much cold water as possible into my mouth and drive. The water helps me to focus for a while, and if I relax, it starts dripping through my lips and I wake up. However, this life hack only works for a limited period of time. Nothing can replace proper rest. © CROTOS87

Which of these options did you find handy?


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