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Kids Fitbit Trendy Pro Trendy PupToday is an exciting day for me because I got to meet you! From now on, you will never be alone. I am going to become your secret magical friend. Just attach me to your backpack, a zipper, or hide me in your pocket. I will always be there for you to keep you company.

Would you like to learn about the adventures I had back in TRENDY-land?

Grab a cup of milk and enjoy! 

You can watch the video and read along on the screen


I come from a different planet called TRENDY-land. It is a magical world of happiness and laughter, friendships, and adventures, where love is spread around, and fun never ends, even when it rains.

You know why?

In TRENDY-land trees are made out of cotton candy and rain clouds are full of purple chocolate milk.

Kids Fit Bit Fit bits Kids Fitness Tracker Trendy Pup TRENDY - land

So rainy days are our favourite because we get to dance under the chocolate milk rain.

We also have marsh-mountains, can you guess what they are made of?

Let me give you a clue – what is sweet and fluffy but also tall and hard? Do you know?

Only in TRENDY-land are the mountains made out of fluffy marshmallows (which are very tasty). Sometimes we like jumping and sliding down the Marsh-mountains like they are trampolines in an adventure park. Can you guess what we snack on when we are hungry?

Kids Activity Tracker Trendy Pro Trendy Pup Adventures

In the hot summertime when the gumdrop flowers bloom, and the weather gets warmer, we like going to the cookie dough beach and swimming in the soda-filled seas.

Trendy Pup Adventures by Trendy Pro Kids Fit-bit

Let me introduce you to my friends, Bee-Trendy, unicorns Sparkle & Glow and Super-Trendy twins. 

Bee-Trendy is the sweetest friend out of all, he loves collecting honey from gumdrop flowers and hosting parties in his little house located by honey pond.Bee-Trendy Fitness Tracker Storytelling Kids Activity Tracker

Meet the magical unicorns Sparkle & Glow. They can read your mind and grant wishes if you have light in your heart. Sparkle & Glow visit children on Earth when they fall asleep to bring a spark of creativity to them. So, when the kids wake up and feel inspired to draw and create, Sparkle & Glow shimmer and shine brighter because kids’ creativity makes them happy.Sparkle & Shine Unicorns by Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Trackers Kids Gifts

Meet the Super-TRENDY twins. They are germ fighting superheroes. They have special BeSafie powers that they give to kids who wash hands and use sanitizer. 

Kids Fitbit For Kids Fitness Tracker Trendy Land Super TrendyI am so happy that you met my friends! Together we go on daring missions and adventures and we always have fun.  

Kids Fit bits Activity Tracker for kids gifts for kids boys and girls

One time we had a case of a stolen hat that was Bee-Trendy’s favourite. It took us 2 weeks to find it and even the all-knowing Trend-oggle maps could not locate it. We ended up finding the hat in the Mountain of the Lost where every lost item goes.

Please do not think that we always succeed; sometimes we fail too but we just keep trying and we get smarter and stronger. For example, on a hot sticky summer day last year, all the books in the Library of Thoughts grew wings and flew out the doors and windows. To this day, no one knows exactly what happened and where they went but in this weird kind of a world, anything is possible. All it takes is a little bit of magic and some imagination to find your way there.Activity Tracker Kids Stories for Kids Trendy Pup editionI bet you are wondering what else we do in this magical world.

Every Sunday evening my friends and I go to Glowbucks, a little cafe at the intersection of Cool & Awesome avenue. In fact, it is the best cafe in the entire of TRENDY-Land! They have a large selection of glow drinks and magic potions, they make out of green milk shakes. These taste like a mixture of green apple and THE BEST THING EVER!

Since we love these drinks so much, we became green and now glow in the dark.Glow in the dark Trendy Pup by TRENDY PROIn fact, most of TRENDY-land lights up during the night, which is beautiful to look at, plus you can enjoy late night reading under one of the glowing trees.

Kids Fitbits Kids Fitness Tracker Trendy Pro Trendy Pup adventures

Now that I have told you about TRENDY-land and my special friends, I wanted to tell you how I ended up here on Earth. About two weeks ago, I started hearing a call from far away. It was very faint initially, but it grew louder and louder with time. 

I wondered what it was and suddenly I realized that it was a call from a lonely child on Earth.

Kids Fit Bit Activity Tracker Kids Child Earth Trendy Pup Adventures

I knew you needed me, so I borrowed a cape from the Super-Trendy twins and rushed over to be here for you.

Kids Gifts Christmas Gift for a boy Trendy Pups

I am happy that I can now serve my mission and be with the boys and girls that need me. 

Kids with Trendy Pup on backpacks back to school gifts for kids

Every so often at night when you look up and see a shiny glowing spot moving fast in the dark sky, remember that this is likely Trendy Pup heading back to TRENDY-land to visit his friends while the kids are asleep. 

And if you behave well, stay healthy and active, making lot of steps on your Trendy Tracker, maybe Trendy Pup can take you with him on a special adventure in the wonders of TRENDY-land.

Just wait and see!


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