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Your SHAPE determines your body's SHAPE

Your SHAPE determines your body's SHAPE

The definition of SHAPE is: "The quality of a distinct body".

What is the quality of your body right now? 

 The goal of SHAPE is to eliminate the stress that circulates in our bodies and to get our bodies moving! If we do those two things, the quality of our body will improve rapidly!

 So how do we do it?


1 Minute Of Gratitude In Deep Breathing:

Oxygen is the only thing more important to your body than water. Our body determines what primal state to put us in depending on how we’re breathing.

 The first thing you need to understand is that if we’re breathing shallow breaths (from our chest) - the body thinks that we’re stressed and releases cortisol (the stress hormone) into the body. 

Most of us walk around with our body feeling stressed all day every day, causing our body to store fat because it thinks it should be in “survival mode” because of all the stress. 

 When we breathe deep, long breaths (from our stomachs)- our body realizes that we are at ease. It can regulate oxidation in our blood and release fat from our body because it doesn’t believe the body is under stress.  

 Breathing correctly is crucial to fat loss because Carbon Dioxide is one way that fat leaves your body. Shallow breathing robs the brain and metabolism of oxygen and hinders the release of fat. Your body wants to be in SHAPE and is always fighting to get there, so give it the oxygen it needs to make it happen! 

Each day, spend 1 Minute Deep Breathing and thinking about things that you are grateful for. The best way to do this is to close your eyes and inhale, breathing with your stomach, raising your chest and counting to six during the inhale and also counting to six as you slowly exhale. 

 As you breathe, think of the things you are grateful for today. It could be as big of a thing as your child or as small of a thing like a raindrop on your window. 

 You can do this first thing in the morning while listening to your meditation track, you can do this each time you feel stressed during your day, or you can do it at the end of the night. 


Move Your Body, Breathe Hard, & Sweat: 

The goal here is simple. MOVE your body on a daily basis.

 It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, as long as you’re moving, breathing hard, and sweating! 

This could be riding a bike, walking around the neighborhood at a quick pace,  playing tennis, surfing, doing jumping jacks, or going for a jog! 

Remember, the goal is simply to MOVE, breathe hard, and sweat each day! 

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