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Soap Foam

How to make Soap Foam:

Add 2 tbs of your desired dish soap into your blender.

Add ½ cup of water.

Add food coloring of your choice (optional but recommended)

Close your blender and start making Soap Foam!

It took about 15 seconds for the foam to appear. Once it was almost to the top of the blender, I stopped it. 

Open your blender. Scoop it out and pour it into your ketchup squeeze bottles.

Once your bottles are all ready to go with foam in them, take them outside for some fun outdoor play! 

Squeeze them on the pavement or sidewalk for some color foam fun! 

As soon as your done inserting your soap foam into bottles, make sure to use them ASAP. The foam turns into liquid which can easily be reversed by just a simple shake. But, definitely use them immediately. 

I found cutting the tips of the ketchup bottles worked well in allowing the foam to slide out. It was easier to create something and I highly recommend doing this. 

If more liquid than foam is coming out, shake the bottle. This will help make it foamy again.