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Smoky Bacon & Blue Cheese Corn Salad

Take your corn salad to a whole new level with hints of smoke, fire roasted corn, bacon and chunks of blue cheese. 

This recipe is a play on a corn salad, typically we would make a version of this Mexican Street Corn Salad with Sriracha as a side dish in our home.  It can be eaten as a dip or on it’s own as a side dish like a salad. Or pile it on top of nachos like these Mexican Street Corn Nachos. So yumm.

This corn salad is instead loaded up with salty, crisp bacon, chunks of blue cheese, and a hint of smoke.  Making it a more likely side dish for our nights of having BBQ. Or would be perfect on the side of these Texas BBQ Brisket Meatballs.

This is an easy dish that you can use either fresh corn for, just grill the cobs which can be done on a grill or on the stovetop in a skillet.  Or! You can use canned corn for an easier dish. I used can this time around, because the stores were running out of fresh corn. But I grabbed some fire roasted corn so that it still has a slightly charred corn kernel.

The liquid smoke is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a liquid that you can find in the markets usually by the BBQ sauces and such, it has a smokey taste to it.  You can add it to things you’re making in the house that you would typically want to have a smokey taste like you BBQ’d it outside.

Some green onion, jalapeño, cooked crispy bacon, and chunks of blue cheese finish us off!  Plus some spices just a little garlic, salt and pepper, and I used a smoked paprika for a little extra smokiness and a touch of heat.