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Pudding Painting Messy Toddler Activity

Invite your kids’ friends over to pudding paint on a shower curtain! This is one of those uber-sophisticated parties that you just really hope to be invited to! Letting kids paint with pudding? What kind of crazy moms are we?


  • vanilla pudding
  • food coloring
  • shower curtain liner
  • Paint brushes

You can make the vanilla pudding per the directions on the box and let it set up to perfection. After it set, spoon it into some smaller bowls and added the food coloring.

Don’t worry – the food coloring doesn’t change the taste and it was still just as delicious dyed red.

Source: busytoddler.com

Glob the pudding out onto the shower curtain and add some brushes and kitchen utensils. 

The kids can have so much fun experimenting with the pudding, smooshing it, painting it, and of course, eating it. LOL!

They can make delicious art, fabulous memories, and then just let them go right into the bath tub to get their stinky bodies cleaned off.

The shower curtain was a quick hose off on the patio and all was clean and perfect in under 5 minutes. You’ll love when it’s a fast up and fast take down project – especially when it involves a mess like this..