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Make a DIY Ball Ramp

Got a cardboard box? You’ve got to make this DIY ball ramp.

What is it about toddlers and cardboard boxes? They are basically like peas and carrots and the stuff dreams are made of. 

Source: busytoddler.com

A few tricks to make the ramp work

There was a method to my madness as I made this ramp. First: I didn’t want it to just be a ramp. I wanted this to be similar to Ski Jumping (remember this post is part of my winter games series).

You can cut open the box so it was flat, then fold back the flaps and tape them down. Then tape my broom stick to the back. That’s the trick. Gotta make the ramp part nice and sturdy.

For the bottom of the ramp, fold up the bottom to make it curve just like a ski jump ramp. It will work perfectly.