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Kool Aid Paint

This is how easy it is to make Kool Aid paint so your kids can watercolor safely at home! A fun and inexpensive craft for kids that is easy to put together. Free from chemicals it’s a great activity for Preschool children and toddlers too! Painting has never been so fun, and yummy too.

Source:  The Typical Mom

It is non toxic for the youngest of children, perfect craft for Preschoolers and really fun too! Whether you’re a Kindergarten teacher looking for a fun activity for center time or a mom looking for a rainy day activity that is cheap, this one will make your kids smile.

Here are the basic things you will need to make these paint colors.

  • Kool Aid packets – you can find a variety of colors here
  • Water
  • Paint brushes – small ones like these are best
  • Paper – watercolor paper works best
  • Small cups – I find small Dixie cups are inexpensive and the perfect size


  • Pour each Kool Aid packet into a separate small cup.
  • Use a variety of colors for more fun.
  • Add a tbsp. of warm water into each cup and stir well until the Kool Aid is dissolved.
  • Lay down a protective tablecloth on to your table to catch any spills.
  • Give each child a paintbrush, different cups of colored “paints”, and a piece of paper to watercolor.

If you want really brilliant colors then add less water, more water for lighter Kool-Aid paint colors. The kids can even make these watercolors because it is no more than water and Kool Aid. You can use other brands out there as well if you already have those or the other brands are on sale, it works the same.

Have fun!!