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Jell-O Pool Party

Thinking of something fun activity this summer? Try this Jell-O Pool Party! 

Setting up a Jell-O Pool Party is so easy!


  • Kiddie pool
  • 3 boxes of Jell-O
  • Various kitchen utensils and miscellaneous toys
  • For this activity, we made three batches of Jell-O for the four toddlers to play with. That actually seemed to be the perfect amount for 4 toddlers to “share”. You will want to make your Jell-O the night before, let it set, then dump it into your pool the next day. We added in trucks and kitchen utensils for fun.

It was definitely a naked party because Jell-O always stains. The kids loved being able to run around the backyard, in and out of the Jell-O pool with each other.

I love giving toddler’s chances like this to really get messy. And since it was a backyard activity in the summer, the mess stayed outside and contained. My white couches can live to see another day!

The hit of the party (aside from the Jell-O) was the kitchen colander. I would highly recommend adding one to your Jell-O Party list. The kids loved working the Jell-o through it, pushing it, and using it to mix.

Clean up was actually a breeze for this because we set up a sprinkler on the other side of the backyard so the sticky bodies could run through and rinse off before even stepping food back in my house. The Jell-o rinsed out of the pool easy peasy and everyone was happy as a clam.

Hosting this Jell-OPool Party was the highlight of the summer activities. The kids still talk about the day we made the Jell-O pool. There’s always room for Jell-O, especially in summertime toddler activities.

Source: busytoddler.com