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Glittery calm down bottles

You can never go wrong for doing crafts that involve giving kids something constructive to do while regulating their behavior rather than having them sit in time out with nothing constructive to focus on. These glittery calm down bottles are good for those kids that shows uncontrollable energies and behavior. .

These are not really for kids only but is also calming for adults too.

From other calm down bottles I had seen online, I loved the beautiful sensory experience they provide. And after creating our own glittery calm down bottles, I was not disappointed!

Below are the materials  to create our calm down bottles:

  • Clear plastic water bottles
  • Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4oz
  • Glitter – you can choose your kids favorite color
  • Elmer’s Washable Glitter Glue
  • Glue gun (to seal the caps of the bottles)


  • Start adding the glitter to the bottles.
  • Add the clear glue.
  • Add the glitter glue.
  • Once all the ingredients were in, seal  the caps with a hot glue gun.
  • Hand the  bottles to the kids to shake.


The result is mesmerizing after shaking it a couple of times and you’ll be surprised how effective it is!

CTTO: Sensory Play board on Pinterest.