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DIY Ring Toss Game

Doesn’t that look like fun?! It’s a great family game! In fact, the boys have absolutely loved playing it!

This ring toss game would definitely be perfect for summer picnics, family reunions, and 4th of July celebrations! Here is how to make your own:

Ring toss board:

– 1 round pine panel 18-in x 18-in

– 7/8″ drill bit

– 2 7/8″ dowels (4ft long), cut into 4 11-in pieces & 1 13″ piece

– two (or more) paint colors of your choice


– 1/2″ Nylon rope – cut into 12″ pieces

– E6000 (or similar bonding glue) to help secure the ends together

– Duck Tape – your choice of colors

Source: Pinterest


Start by painting your round pine panel and your dowels. I thought it was a fun spring/summer color. For the additional dowels, you can just use white. You could use any colors you want. Depending on how you want to do your scoring system, you could even make each dowel a different color. Once the paint is dry, all you need to do is drill holes in the base for the dowels. 

But, they can still be removed for easy storage! Once the base is done, you just need to make the rings. 

At Lowe’s, you can get 1/2″ Nylon rope cut into 12″ pieces.To make rings, start by tearing off a piece of duck tape and setting it down, sticky side up. Lay one end of the rope on the duck tape and put some E6000 glue on the two ends of the rope. Then, stick the ends together and wrap in duck tape.

Just keep wrapping the nylon rope in the duck tape. The end result is perfect ring toss rings! And, that’s it! Wrapping the rings is a little time consuming, but really the project is very easy to make! Just a little work with a few supplies and you have a game the whole family can enjoy!