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Alphabet Matchup Activity

Have a kiddo working on their letters? Try this interactive Alphabet Matchup Activity!

Letters are a fun one to teach kids. It’s easy to track progress, all the growth is readily apparent, and it’s knowledge they’ll need for a lifetime.

Making an alphabet matchup activity is an easy way to move and learn. And definitely much better than boring flashcards.


  • White butcher paper 
  • Painter’s tape (wall safe)
  • Giant sharpie marker
  • Regular kid washable marker

Roll out the white butcher paper on my floor first and did all my prep work there.

Along the top of the paper, I wrote CAPITAL letters all mixed up.

On the bottom, write lowercase letters (again) all mixed up.

You don’t need to stress out about letters. This will help you understand what they know about letters and what needs to be corrected.