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A Memory Game on the Move

How to Setup:

On index cards, write down various sequences of at least five numbers (such as 1, 2, 7, 4, 9). Gather nine numbered cones (see instructions for ours, below) or simply use a marker to number milk cartons or other boxes. Place the cones in an open area, spacing them several feet apart.

The Challenge:

Two players stand at a designated starting line. One is the caller and the other is the runner. The caller draws a card from the deck and announces the first number in the sequence. The runner runs to that numbered cone, tags it, then runs back to the starting line. The caller then yells out the first two numbers on the card, and the runner must tag both cones, in order, and return. Play continues in this manner, with the runner memorizing the sequence and tagging cones, until all the numbers have been called out. Then the caller and runner swap places and continue with a new card from the deck.

Make Your Own Big Bright Cone Labels:

We numbered our cones using pre-cut number stickers mounted on sheets of duct tape. Both are available at craft stores.