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Thank you Mei Wa Hui

Thank you Mei Wa Hui

Thank you Mei Wa Hui


Daer Mei Wa Hui,

My name is Oxana, I am the CEO and Founder of TRENDY PRO. 

Our main products are for kids and family and we got into the masks niche by accident. There was a great shortage of masks in Toronto back in April; We had an established infrastructure in China, so we decided to help.

We approached it differently than some other sellers - we learned every single regulation in Canada, obtained all the required medical importer licenses, and engaged the most trusted producer in China to manufacture the masks.

This wasn't cheap and it took longer than expected. So, here we are, there is no shortage of masks any more (thank God!) and we are charging more than others.

The reason I am writing is two-fold:

1. I wanted to explain why the masks were more expensive than the others just to make you feel better about your purchasing decision. You have a great feel for quality. 

2. I wanted to convince you to keep the masks and not feel bad about not paying.

We have a great team here at Trendy and we don't often get a customer that is so honest and kind. The whole team admired your personal integrity. Thank you for being YOU!

Please do not feel bad! It is our greatest pleasure to be serving you! We know we did something right today so it makes it a great day for us too!

Please do keep the masks. Please stay happy and healthy. Hope we return to buying more enjoyable products very soon!

Best regards to you and your husband! You guys are AWESOME!!!