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Kids Fitness Tracker Gift Set, Trendy Pup Edition

$49.99 $79.99 saving $30.00
Kids Fitness Tracker Gift Set, Trendy Pup Edition

Kids Fitness Tracker Gift Set, Trendy Pup Edition

$49.99 $79.99 saving $30.00
August 25, 2020


We taking our Kids Fitness Trackers to a totally new level!

Our next release is called TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker, Trendy Pup edition.

It is scheduled for launch in mid-August when the kids are ready to go back to school.

We will offer an upgraded colorful and feature-rich model that will come in bright packaging. Inspired by the iPhone unpacking experience, we have designed the box to offer an exciting surprise as kids unwrap their gift. 

We wanted this edition to be especially thoughtful, colorful, and loving. 

Spring and early Summer, 2020, were hard on all of us, especially kids who had to witness the whole world turn with Covid-19. For many, this was a period of sadness, insecurity, and isolation as the schools closed for quarantine.

During this time, more than ever, the kids need our support and positive thinking. Most importantly, they need to know that they are not alone.

That’s why the pack includes Trendy Pup, a glow-in-the-dark toy that will brighten their room in the dark and be there for them when they feel lonely.

We have also added a splash of color and loving touch with trendy-loops, glowing stickers, and a pop-up card craft activity for the kids.

Also, our Kids Reward Chart had a makeover. The kids will love seeing their new fitness and life pal Trendy-Pup featured on the chart!   

Trendy Pup edition will also mark the beginning of our new venture into publishing of children’s books. The book is going to be about a magical place called Trendy-land. This is the place where Trendy Pup came from because he had heard a call of a lonely child.

If you think that your child could benefit from the powerful combination of tech and gamification,  sign up to our Messanger bot. We are happy to offer up to 40% to our early adopters. 


Trust me, your child would want to be THE FIRST coolest kid with Trendy Pup!

You on the other hand will have peace of mind seeing your child's health monitoring graphs, especially temperature and oxygen saturation.

The new colorful and feature-rich model of the Kids Fitness Tracker features:

Activity and Exercise Monitoring: 

  • Multi-Sports Mode: walking, running, biking, hiking
  • GPS route mapping powered by your phone
  • Step count pedometer, calorie burnt, distance tracking.
  • Goal setting and progress monitoring on the app.  
  • Health Monitoring

    (Note: for reference only, should not be used as a replacement to medical monitoring): 

    • Temperature tracking with alerts for high fever,
    • Heart Rate Monitoring,
    • Blood Pressure Monitoring,
    • Blood Oxygen Monitoring,
    • Sleep Quality Monitoring.

    Notifications and reminders:

    • Call reminder with caller ID display
    • Social Media and Messenger notifications (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Line, Kakao Talk, Wechat, QQ, Whatsapp, etc.)
    • Text SMS Notification
    • Inactivity reminder
    • Reminder to take medication
    • Reminder to drink water
    • Regular and recurring alarms 

    Other Great Features:

    • Camera Remote Control,
    • Time Format Setting,
    • Device search function,
    • Programmable do not disturb setting,
    • 3 beautifully designed faces.

    The gift package is PACKED with goodies, including:

    • One (1) x Super Cool Box featuring an interactive design with a Puppy moving his ears,
    • One (1) x Kids Smart Fitness Tracker with Soft Silica Band,
    • One (1) x Clasp Type Charging Cable (USB interface),
    • One (1) x User Manual,
    • One (1) x Welcome Card with VIP Concierge Service,
    • One (1) x Glow in the dark toy Trendy Pup keychain,
    • One (1) x Letter from Trendy Pup inviting the child to read about Pup's adventures,
    • Six (6) x Colorful Trendy-loops to decorate the band,
    • One (1) Sheet x of 35-50 glowing stickers that can be used for the band or any other surface,
    • One (1) Sheet x 2 Kids Reward Chart with a free download for future weeks,
    • One (1) x Craft activity for the child to make a pop-up card with his own Puppy that moves ears.

    To top it all off, we are excited to offer you a free app that will get your child off the coach on the move counting steps.

    Did I mention it is packed with goodies?! ;-) Wait until you see the excitement on your kid's face!
    It is priceless!

    Sign up to our Messanger bot:


    We are happy to offer up to 40% to our early adopters. 

    Kids Fitness Tracker

    Kids Fitness Tracker Gift Set, Trendy Pup Edition
    • FREE Extra TRENDY PRO Band in the color of your choice

      Order today and get an extra band in your favorite color free. The new updated 2019 design of the Fitness Tracker by Trendy Pro fits children age 5 through to adult. The adjustable band features a snap enclosure that can be set to fit the smallest child's wrists 5.3-7.3 inches (13.5-18.5 cm) in circumference.



      WITHSTANDS SWEAT & MOISTURE - Our kids’ fitness monitor is IP67 rated waterproof. It functions perfectly even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise and play.


      Setting up your Fitness Tracker is easy with the included User Manual. The package also includes a Family Reward Chart Poster. You’ll also have access to a downloadable Q&A and Cool Tips email. Kids will enjoy Kids’ Friendly Quick Start video with step-by-step instructions for kids by kids on how to set up the device.


      Our smart watch is not just about promoting health and fitness for your kid - it also syncs with your smartphone to display real time text, call, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more) notifications via its 0.86 OLED HD screen, calling your attention discreetly with its vibrating function. If your child does not have a mobile device yet, you may use your smartphone to set up the time according to your location.

    Technical Specifications

    • Specification

      Activity Tracking: TRENDY PRO records daily activities including steps, distance, and calories burned. Stats can be checked on your tracker anytime, or you can get a more detailed view using the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app on your smartphone or device.

      Sleep Tracking: TRENDY PRO automatically tracks how long and deep you sleep. It records data for light sleep, deep sleep, and duration awake and provides detailed reports in the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app.

      Silent Alarms: Set an alarm in the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app and your TRENDY PRO will vibrate to wake you. You can set up to 10 standalone or recurring alarms at a time.

    • Specification

      Sedentary Reminders: TRENDY PRO can be programmed to send gentle reminders to stay active throughout the day at regular intervals of your choice from the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app.

      Hydration Reminders: Cool tip: Sedentary Reminders can be alternatively set for other regular tasks, like drinking water.

      Call, Text and Social App Alerts: Set your TRENDY PRO to alert you to incoming calls, text messages and notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and more.

      Remote Camera Control: Love a good selfie? Use your TRENDY PRO to remotely trigger photos taken with your smartphone or tablet.

    • Specification

      Anti-Lost: Your TRENDY PRO will alert you if you move more than 5 meters away from your smartphone or tablet.

      Find Phone: Can’t find your phone? Use TRENDY PRO to trigger audio alerts on your smartphone or tablet to locate it quickly.

      Tracker Data Storage Activity: Data displayed on your TRENDY PRO is reset every 24 hours at midnight. Up to seven days of data can be stored on the tracker without the need to sync it to the app. To sync your data, open the App and swipe down anywhere on the main page. Progress will then be indicated at the top of the page.

    • Specification

      Strava Integration: The TrendyFit or VeryfitPro also fully integrates with “Strava”, a social fitness network app that allows tagging and challenges with friends and family.

      Product Support: Lifetime Technical Support, Company based in North America