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Your DELUXE Fitness Tracker is a powerful and multi-functional device and we would like to make sure that you are using it to its full potential.

Below are the available resources that will guide you through the initial set up and day to day use:

1. User Manual for the Deluxe Fitness Tracker

2. Kids Friendly User Guide Video for the Deluxe Fitness Trackers (please rewind to 1.1 minutes in for the Quick Start instructions)

3. Full User Guide with Frequently Asked Questions and Cool Tips - we highly recommend reviewing it!

4. TRENDY PRO Support always happy to help! mysupport@trendy-pro.com

At TRENDY PRO we take contentious improvement seriously, so your feedback is extremely important and highly appreciated!

Please contact us via the Messenger or email at mysupport@trendy-pro.com. Whether you share a success story about your inspired child, require assistance or provide feedback, we love hearing from you!