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The new Trendy Tracker has many features that your kids will enjoy - a colorful screen, the ability to choose between 3 watch faces and fun customizing the band with bright loops and stickers.

Keeping in mind the increased focus on health in the world as a result of Covid-19, we made sure that the new Tracker offers a number of measurements  - Temperature, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure and Sleep Monitoring functionality in addition to the usual physical activity tracking features. 

Fitbit Features

The mascot for this edition is Trendy Pup, a glow-in-the-dark toy that was designed to brighten your kids' room and be there for them when they need company. We also created an engaging story & video that I bet your kids will love!

We have also added some fun Craft Activity for the kids and Activity Tracking & Reward Chart.

Hope you and your child enjoy this set as much as we did while creating it!

Oxana Ungureanu

CEO and Founder, TRENDY PRO

Initial Setup

1. Charge Your Trendy Pup Tracker:

Charging Trendy Pup Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker

Note: The green battery sign will flash on the Tracker screen just for a couple of seconds. It will then turn off and continue charging, flashing the battery sign on the screen from time to time. Please continue charging to its full charge for about 2 hours. 

2. Install the Application.

To take advantage of the exciting features of your new Tracker, you will need to install an application on your smart phone.

Once the Tracker is charged, please install the following application on your smartphone:

If you have an Apple phone, please visit Apple App Store: 

TrendyYouPlus (recommended)
or JYouPro 

If you have an Android phone please visit Google Play:
TrendyYouPro (recommended)
or JYouPro

    3. Bind your Trendy Pup Smart Watch to the Application.

    To ensure a successful connection of the Tracker to your phone, please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in your Phone's settings/configuration. Please make sure your Tracker is active by touching the screen to activate it.

    Start the application (TrendyYouPro, TrendyYouPlus or JYouPro):

      • Allow the Bluetooth connection by pressing “OK”
      • Allow the application to use your location (for the GPS route tracking) by pressing “Allow”
      • Provide permission to Send Notifications by pressing “Allow”
      • Press Scan for Device
      • Select the device to initiate the connection

    Note: If you have multiple trackers and you are not sure which to device to connect to, you can check the Device serial number on your Tracker screen. Continue pressing the Touch key on the Tracker until you reach the screen marked by an exclamation mark (!)

    4. Profile Setup

    Continue setting up your application profile by selecting your preferences and pressing “Next” to progress through the application screens, e.g. select Metric or Imperial tracking, Male or Female, Height, Birthday, Weight, and Daily Step Goal.

    Please keep in mind that your height and weight is important for the precision of the step count.

    Application Account Registration (Optional if you would like to upload your picture for the profile):

    • Press "Me" on the bottom Menu, tap the arrow on the top of the screen
    • Tap Login on the bottom of the screen
    • Tap Register on the bottom right
    • Enter your email and preferred password
    • Upload a profile picture from your phone's Gallery 

    Note: You Can skip the registration by pressing "Skip" just above Login button. In this case though you won't be able to pick the Profile picture. All other features will still work.

      Daily Use:

      • Please do not expose the tracker to hot or fast flowing water (such as a shower, jacuzzi, waterslide etc).
      • While the tracker is IP68 rated this only covers temporary submersion in cold freshwater up to 1.5M in depth for up to 30 minutes.
      • Bathing or swimming while wearing the tracker is not recommended. Similarly, submersion in non-freshwater such as seawater or beverages is also not recommended.
      • Using the tracker in situations such as the above could cause liquid to enter and may result in device failure, overheating or an electrical short-circuit.

      5. Notifications Setup:

      Press “Device” on the application screen. Set your preferences for Notifications as required: Incoming Call, SMS, Social Media and Message Notifications.

      IMPORTANT: If you are exiting the App, please remember to sync up the Tracker with the App. To do so, tap Refresh sign on the Home Application screen (top right corner). Once the sync up status reached 100% status, your settings are enabled on the Tracker.

      TrendyYouPro Application Main Screen

      6. Reminders Setup:

      Press “Device” on the application screen. Set your preferences for Reminders as required:

      • Inactivity Reminder,
      • Reminder to Drink,
      • Reminder to Take Medicine.

      You can set your start time, end time and desired frequency of the reminders.

      7. Alarm Setting:

      To set the Alarm, start the application, press Device=> Alarms

      You can set up to 5 recurring or One-time alarms

      Tap the checkmark to confirm.

      IMPORTANT: If you are exiting the App, please remember to sync up the Tracker with the App. To do so, tap Refresh sign on the Home Application screen (top right corner). Once the sync up status reached 100% status, your settings are enabled on the Tracker.

      8. Do Not Disturb Setting:

      To set the time, start the application => Device => More Settings => Power saving mode

      Set the time, vibration and automatic screen light up mode (Hands-off lighting).

      IMPORTANT: If you are exiting the App, please remember to sync up the Tracker with the App. To do so, tap Refresh sign on the Home Application screen (top right corner). Once the sync up status reached 100% status, your settings are enabled on the Tracker.

      Trendy Pup Tracker Navigation & Functionality

      Tracker Navigation

      • "Quickly tap" the Tracker's touch key for the Quick navigation from one screen to another.
      Switching between the tree watch faces:
      • "Long Press" to switch between the tree watch faces - hold the touch key for 3 seconds to rotate from one watch face to another.
      Sports Activity Tracking:
      • "Long Press" to access Sports Activity Tracking, then:
      • "Quick Tap" to switch between the rotating screen for the activities below:
      • Walking
      • Running
      • Biking
      • Hiking
      • "Long Press" to select Walking, Running, Biking, or Hiking - you will see the Steps, Heart Rate and Timer running.
      • "Long Press" stop tracking the activity
      • "Quick Tap"to exit the Sports Activity tracking screen.
        Check Your Daily Messages:
          • "Long Press" to access the Messages that arrived during that day, then:
          • "Quick Tap" to navigate from one message to another.
          • "Quick Tap" to exit the Messages screen.
            Stopwatch Functionality:
              • "Long Press" to access the Stopwatch functionality, then:
              • "Quick Tap" to initiate the Stopwatch time count,
              • "Quick Tap" to pause the Stopwatch
              • "Long Press" to permanently stop the Stopwatch and exit the Stopwatch functionality screen.
              Quick Navigation Back to the main watch face:
                • "Long Press" on the Steps, Calorie, Milage, Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen, and Sleep for a quick shortcut straight back to the Home screen.

                Tracker Screens & Functionality:

                1. Steps,
                2. Calorie count,
                3. Distance,
                4. Max/Body/Skin Temperature,
                5. Heart rate,
                6. Blood Pressure,
                7. Blood Oxygen Level,
                8. Sleep duration,
                9. Sports,
                10. Notification,
                11. Stop watch,
                12. Search for my phone,
                13. Turn the device off,
                14. Serial Number Information. 

                Taking Your Health Measurements:

                • Continue pressing the touch key on the device until you reach the desired functionality: Max/Body/Skin Temperature, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level
                • Once you have reached the required screen, watch the Tracker take the measurements. Your Trendy Pup will buzz on your wrist once the respective measurement is ready.

                Alternatively, you can initiate the health check using the App - Start the Application => Home => Health/Stats => Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, or Temperature.

                Heart Rate Blood Pressure Temperature Oxygen Tracking TRENDY PRP Fitness Tracker 

                Temperature Measuring Options:

                • Body Temperature Measurement
                • Surface/Wrist skin temperature
                • Max Temperature as it fluctuates throughout the day

                Temperature Check:

                • "Quick Tap" until you see the Temperature screen. The Tracker will indicate “Measuring”, or
                • Use the Application to navigate from the application Home screen => Health => Temperature, press “Start”

                Tip: To see the historical stats on the Apps, navigate to the Temperature screen and tap on the bottom of the screen.

                Note: The Main butterfly screen will show the Temperature Measurement in red to alert of the high temperature if the Tracker detects 37.3C (99.14F) and higher.

                To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press Me/Profile => Unit => Imperial or Metric.

                Remote Picture & Video Camera Control:

                Start the App=>Device=>Remote=>Selfie

                Allow the application to get access to the Camera and access your photos and Microphone, by pressing “OK” when prompted.

                Shake you hand or press the touch key to take a photo

                Tracker Search

                To find your Tracker if lost, start the application => Device => More Settings => Tap Device Search.

                The tracker will vibrate to make it easier for you to find it. 

                Tracking the Route Using GPS Map on the Application. 

                Start the application => press Exercise => select Walk, Run, Cycling, or Hiking. Tap the flag indicating the start of your journey on the map. Press Continue to start tracking on  the map using the phone's GPS => Slide to pause/Continue, or Press End.

                You can see your historical stats by pressing the graph sign in the top right side of the Exercise screen. 

                 FAQs and Troubleshooting 

                Visit Trendy Pup FAQs page