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Thank you for choosing our KIDS FITNESS TRACKER!

We designed this edition to be especially thoughtful, colorful, and loving.

Spring and early Summer, 2020, were hard on all of us, especially kids, who had to witness the whole world turn with Covid-19.

As we were working on this release, I couldn’t help but think that now more than ever, the kids needed our support and positive thinking. Most importantly, they need to know that they are not alone.

That’s why the pack includes Trendy Pup, a little glow-in-the-dark toy that will brighten their room in the dark and be there for them when they feel lonely.

We have also added a splash of color and happiness with Trendy-loops, glowing stickers and craft activity.

Hope you and your child enjoys this set as much as we do!

Oxana Ungureanu

CEO and Founder, TRENDY PRO

Initial Set up

1. Please register to qualify for your 1-year Warranty:

 Warranty Registration Page

2. Charge your Trendy Pro

  • Press the levers of the charger open.
  • Attach the 2 golden connectors on the charger with 2 metal points on the back of the Tracker.
  • Connect the other end of the charger to a USB port on your PC, USB charging adaptor, or power bank.
  • You will see the battery sign on the screen when you get it right. Let it charge for about 2 hours.

 3. Install the Application.

Once the Tracker is charged, install the smartphone application by scanning the QR code on the box or searching the following applications in Apple or Google App Store:

  • TrendyYouPro,
  • JYouPro, or
  • JTrendyYouPlus

4. Bind your Trendy Pro Tracker to the Application.

To ensure a successful binding of the Tracker to your phone, please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on (phone Settings). Please make sure your Tracker is active by touching the screen to activate it.

Start the application (TrendyYouPro, JYouPro, or JTrendyYouPlus)

  • Allow the Bluetooth connection by pressing “OK”
  • Allow the application to use your location (for the GPS route tracking) by pressing “Allow”
  • Provide permission to Send Notifications by pressing “Allow”
  • Press Scan for Device
  • Select the device to initiate the connection

Note: If you have multiple devices and you are not sure which to select from the list of available, you can check the Device serial number on your Tracker screen. Continue pressing the Touchkey on the Tracker until you reach the screen marked by an exclamation mark (!)

5. Set up your Profile

Continue setting up your application profile by selecting your preferences and pressing “Next” to continue through the application screens, e.g. select Metric or Imperial tracking, Male or Female, Height, Birthday, Weight, and Daily Step Goal.

Setting your Profile:

  • Press Me/Profile, tap on the arrow on the top of the screen
  • Tap Login on the bottom of the screen
  • Tap Register on the bottom right
  • Enter your email and desired password
  • You can take or select your picture from your Gallery 

6. Tracker and Application Navigation:

You can move from one Function to another to another, either by:

Pressing the Touchkey on the Tracker, or

Switching between the options on the Application Screen

               Navigation Tip: You can quickly move to Home screen by long pressing the Touchkey. 

7. Notifications Setup:

Press “Device” on the application screen. Set your preferences for Notifications as required: Incoming Call, SMS, Social Media and Message Notifications

8. Reminders Setup:

Press “Device” on the application screen. Set your preferences for Reminders as required:

Inactivity Reminder, Reminder to Drink, Reminder to Take Medicine.

You can set your start time, end time and desired frequency of the reminders.

Available Functions:

Home screen – you can switch between the 3 available screens by long-pressing the Touchkey until you reach the screen you like

Available Functions:

  • Steps,
  • Calorie count,
  • Distance,
  • Max/Body/Skin Temperature,
  • Heart rate,
  • Blood Pressure,
  • Blood Oxygen Level,
  • Sleep duration,
  • Sports,
  • Notification,
  • Stop watch,
  • Search for my phone,
  • Turn the device off,
  • Serial Number Information. 

10. Taking Your Health Measurements:

Continue pressing the Touchkey on the device until you reach the desired functionality: Max/Body/Skin Temperature, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, or

Start the Application => Home => Health => Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, or Temperature 

Temperature Measuring Options:

  • Body Temperature Measurement
  • Surface/Wrist skin temperature
  • Max Temperature as it fluctuates throughout the day


  • Continue tapping on the Tracker until you see the Temperature screen. The Tracker will indicate “Measuring”
  • Use the Application to navigate from the application Home screen => Health => Temperature, press “Start”

Tips: To see the historical stats, press on the bottom of the Temperature screen.

Note: The indicator on the Tracker will alert of high temperature once it reaches 37.3C (99.14F).

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press Me/Profile => Unit => Imperial or Metric

11. Alarm Setting:

To set the Alarm, start the application, press Device=> Alarms

You can set up to 5 recurring or One-time alarms

Press checkmark to ensure the alarm is synchronised with the Tracker

12. Camera Remote:

Allow the application to get access to the Camera and access your photos, by pressing “OK” when prompted

Shake you hand or press the Touchkey to take a photo

Device search: To find your Tracker if lost, start the application => Device => More Settings => Tap Device Search.

The tracker will vibrate to make it easier for you to find it.

13. Do not disturb mode:

To set the time, start the application => Device => More Settings => Power saving mode

Set the time, vibration and automatic screen light up mode (Hands-off lighting)

14. Exercise mode

To activate the exercise mode, you can either:

Tap the Touchkey on the Tracker until you reach the Exercise selection screen, then log press on the Touchkey to select the specific activity, or

Start the application screen => press Exercise => select Walk, Run, Cycling, or Hiking. Tap the flag indicating the start of your journey. Press Continue => Slide to pause/Continue, or Press End.

You can see your historical stats by pressing the graph sign in the top right side of the Exercise screen. 

FAQs and Troubleshooting 

Why isn’t a charger included?

Your tracker is charged by USB and can be plugged directly into any USB socket on a computer, phone/tablet charger or power bank.

Why won’t my tracker charge?

The most common problems are:

  • a) the 2 gold coloured charging connectors on the charger are not touching the 2 metal spots on designed for charging. Please adjust the position of the Tracker until you see battery sign on the screen.
  • b) The computer that you are using for charging is not charging or in sleep mode.

 Why can’t I pair my tracker?

  1. Make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements of Apple iOS 8 or above, Android 5 or above.
  2. Make sure your device has Bluetooth switched on.
  3. While searching for your tracker during set up within the app, ensure that your Tracker’s display is on and close to your phone.

If you are still unable to pair your tracker to your device within the app then please do the following exactly as instructed:

  1. Switch off your phone/tablet and restart it.
  2. Ensure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is switched on.
  3. Delete the application from your phone/tablet.
  4. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone/tablet and delete/forget all devices listed you can add these back later).
  5. Reinstall the App and run through the setup. 

Why isn’t my activity data showing in the app?

To transfer your activity data from your tracker to the app on

your smart phone, open the App and initiate the refresh by pressing a refresh sign in the top right corner of the application screen. This will initiate a sync of data between the two devices.

What if I have 2 kids that have no phones?

The Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker is a smart device with multiple features, like notifications, alarms, etc. that are managed using the phone application. Therefore, we highly recommend setting up your child’s Tracker on your phone to take advantage of the features. To manage multiple Trackers from one phone, you will need to install multiple devices to manage one Tracker per application: 

  • TrendyYouPro,
  • JYouPro, or
  • JTrendyYouPlus.