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1. Install the Application

To take advantage of the exciting features of your new Tracker, you will need to install an application on your smart phone.

Please refer to the video and the installation steps below.


Once the Tracker is charged, please install the following application on your smartphone:

2. Bind your Fitness Tracker to the Application.

To ensure a successful connection of the Tracker to your phone, please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in your Phone's settings/configuration. Please touch the keytouch button to activate the Tracker.

Start the application (TrendyFit):

    • Allow the Bluetooth connection by pressing “OK”
    • Allow the application to use your location (for the GPS route tracking) by pressing “Allow”
    • Provide permission to Send Notifications by pressing “Allow”
    • Please select the device ID115
    • Tap "Confirm Device" at the bottom of the screen

Once you complete your Profile setup or Features configuration (Alarms, Notifications, etc.) please remember to sync up before you exit the Application (tap Homepage, then slide your finger down to see the sync status go to 100%).


If something went wrong during the installation, the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Tracker may not establish as expected. 

For example, during the installation, you are prompted to allow the Bluetooth connection for the App TrendyFit. It is easy to miss it and this may result in a connectivity issue.

The easiest way to resolve this, is to remove the App and re-start the process, carefully allowing the services that you are prompted for during the installation.


  1. Uninstall the Application. Hold your finger on the App icon and press Delete App Uninstall or press the X button. (Android smartphones have different methods of uninstalling applications depending on the make of the phones). 
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on the phone and forget the connection to ID115
  3. Make sure Bluetooth setting is set to On (see the iPhone example

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Re-install the Application.
  3. Follow through the Binding steps outlined in the main section on this page.

Please make sure the Tracker is fully charged and within the Bluetooth range. You should see the device starting with ID115 on the list of the devices available for connection.