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1. Install the Application

To take advantage of the exciting features of your new Tracker, you will need to install an application on your smart phone.

Once the Tracker is charged, please install the following application on your smartphone:

If you have an Apple phone, please visit Apple App Store: 

TrendyYouPlus (recommended) or JYouPro 

2. Bind your Trendy Pup Smart Watch to the Application.

To ensure a successful connection of the Tracker to your phone, please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in your Phone's settings/configuration. Please make sure your Tracker is active by touching the screen to activate it.

Start the application (TrendyYouPro or JYouPro):

    • Allow the Bluetooth connection by pressing “OK”
    • Allow the application to use your location (for the GPS route tracking) by pressing “Allow”
    • Provide permission to Send Notifications by pressing “Allow”
    • Press Scan for Device
    • Select the device to initiate the connection

    Note: If you have multiple trackers and you are not sure which to device to connect to, you can check the Device serial number on your Tracker screen. Continue pressing the Touch key on the Tracker until you reach the screen marked by an exclamation mark (!)


    Once you complete your Profile setup or Features configuration (Alarms, Notifications, etc.) please remember to sync up before you exit the Application (tap Refresh on the Home page of the App).

    Please refer to Quick Start Guide for more information about your Trendy Pup Tracker. 


    If something went wrong during the installation, the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Tracker may not establish as expected. 

    For example, during the installation, you are prompted to allow the Bluetooth connection for the App TrendyYouPro. It is easy to miss it and this may result in a connectivity issue.

    The easiest way to resolve this, is to remove the App and re-start the process, carefully allowing the services that you are prompted for during the installation.


    1. Uninstall the Application. Hold your finger on the App icon and press Delete App Uninstall or press the X button. (Android smartphones have different methods of uninstalling applications depending on the make of the phones). 
    2. Make sure Bluetooth setting is set to On (see the iPhone example
    IMAGE 1:

    1. Restart your phone.
    2. Re-install the Application.
    3. Follow through the Binding steps outlined in the main section on this page.

    Scan for Device=> Make sure the Tracker is fully charged and within the Bluetooth range. You should see the device starting with ID115 on the list of the devices available for connection. If you only have one device, tap it to establish the connection.

    IMAGE 2

    If you have multiple devices, you have the preference which one to connect to TrendyYouPro while another one to JYouPro. You can see the device serial number by tapping the watch until you reach the screen that displays the serial number. You can now select the one that you prefer.

    Once the set up complete, you should have the following settings for the App (can be viewed if you tap on Settings icon and search for the App TrendyYouPro).

    When you tap on Notification, it should look like this:


    We deal with Electronics, which means that at one point or another it may fail. What make TRENDY PRO different, is that we stand behind our products by offering an effective troubleshooting and warranty coverage.

    Assuming you are Registered for Warranty, your TRENDY PRO Tracker is covered with warranty for 12 months period. To initiate the process, please Submit Your Claim and we will make sure to resolve it for you quickly. 

    The following images may speed up the process so please attach them to the form: IMAGE 1 (Bluetooth Connection is on), IMAGE 2 (TrendyYouPro scanning to connect to the device).

    Thank you so much for your patience with this!