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Super Trendy, Trendy Glow and Trendy Puppy Fitness Trackers


TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker is designed to help you to build healthy habits. Please note that it is not intended as a source of medical or scientific data. 

System Requirements

Android 5.0 or above; iOS9.0 or above; Support for Bluetooth 4.0, e.g. phone released after 2015.

Charging your Tracker

Please charge your watch before the initial use.

  1. Holding the Tracker in one hand, pull the side of the strap attached to the opposite side of the touchkey on the Tracker to reveal 2 gold charging strips. Note: the band is designed to fit tight on the tracker to prevent water and dirt access. Try pulling at an angle, one side then another. 
  2. Insert the Tracker into a USB port for charging. To make sure the tracker is charging, please touch the touchkey. You should see the green battery sign on the Tracker display displaying the charging progress.

Charging Trendy Glow Super Trendy

NOTE: The position of the tracker during charging is important as the charging strips need to make a connection with the charging plates in the USB port.

If after 30 mins of charging, you don’t see the battery indicator on the tracker screen when touching the touchkey, please take the Tracker out of the USB port and insert it back upside down because it is likely that the charging rods on the Tracker are not touching the metal strips in the adapter.

The Tracker will take up to 2 hours for a full charge.

Issues charging?

Please follow the troubleshooting instructions and this does not work, please reach out to us so that we can address the issue for you quickly and efficiently.

Turn On Your Tracker

  • Once charged, the tracker will turn on automatically. 
  • To turn it off, tap the Touchkey until your reach the screen More=Log-press to get to the sub-menu=>Long press on the screen that shows MAC ID. The Tracker will power down.
  • To turn your Tracker on, hold the Touchkey for more than 3 seconds. The screen will turn on.To turn your Tracker on, hold the Touchkey for more than 3 seconds. The screen will turn on.

Application setup

It is important to connect your Tracker to the App for the initial calibration. Once the connection is successful, the bracelet will automatically synchronize the time and enable the step count and sleep data tracking.  To ensure a successful connection of the Tracker to your phone, please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in your Phone's settings/configuration

1. Search for FitPro app in App store depending on your device:
2. Install the App, and open it
  • Provide the App the permission to use Bluetooth (OK)
3. Log in/Register/Jump over (top right corner)

4. Bind the Tracker to the App:
FitPro=>Settings=>Bind Devices (top of the page)

Trendy Glow

5. Give permissions for the Bluetooth Pairing request (Pair)

Note (you should see device 115 now connected in the top right corner of the App=>Settings)

6. Allow the App to provide push notifications and other services as prompted by the App. 
Once the pairing is successful, the App will automatically save the Bluetooth address of the band, and when the App is opened or runs in the background, it will automatically search and connect to the bracelet.

    Your fitness tracker and the application are now paired. If you have trouble pairing your fitness tracker, see the troubleshooting instructions below.

    Important Note for Android Users:

    • Please check your Android notification bar for the fitness tracker pairing request. On some Android devices the pairing notification is shown in the Android notification bar after you have selected the fitness tracker you want to connect.

    Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issues

    The common connectivity issues are:

    1. The phone is not compatible (Compatible with: Apple iOS 9.0 and above and Android 5.0 or above, e. g. released after 2015)

    2. The Bluetooth on your phone is off (must be on)

    3. During the installation of the Application the permission to connect was not provided

    4. Another device is already connected to the App (only 1 Tracker can connect to the App)    

    If during the initial application installation something went wrong (battery died, the app didn't install properly, permissions were not provided, etc), the Tracker may not connect on the first try.

    Connection Troubleshooting Steps:

    Clear lingering connections if you tried installing earlier:

    1. Uninstall the application (remove from the phone)
    2. Find Bluetooth connections on your phone and Forget the Connection with the Fitness Tracker (starts with 115).
    3. Switch off the Bluetooth and switch it back on.
    4. Restart your phone
    5. Ensure that the Tracker is charged


    1. Re-install the Application (FitPro from the App store). 
    2. Provide the App the permission to use Bluetooth (tap OK)
    3. Log in/Register/or Jump over/Skip (tap top right corner)
    4. Bind the Tracker to the App:

      FitPro=>Settings=>Bind Device (top of the page)

    5. Select 115 device on the list of the available devices.

    6. IMPORTANT: Give permissions for the Bluetooth Pairing request (Pair). You should see device 115 now connected in the top right corner of the App=>Settings

    7. Allow the App to provide push notifications and other services as prompted by the App. 

    If you have an Android, you may not get a pop-up requesting your permission to pair. On some Android devices, the pairing notification is shown in the Android notification bar after you have selected the fitness tracker you want to connect to. 

    • Set FitPro as a trusted app on your phone's app permission manager
    • Allow "FitPro" to run in the background.
    • You may need to reconnect/bind your device after any major Android version upgrades.  
      You can now create a Profile for a personalized experience, or you can Jump Over/skip and do it later. 

      Profile setup (optional)

      The exact height and weight are important for the precision of the step count. So, please make sure to set it up correctly in the App.

      • Me=> Personal Information, please set your gender, age, height, and weight
      • You can also set your daily step goal to monitor your daily progress.
      • Please note that the  Profile picture and Nickname is only available if you register and log in:
      • Tap "Login" under "Me"
      • Either Register by taping "Register" in the top left corner or you can also sign in with Apple or Google.
      • Once you log in, you can upload your Photo, Nickname, preferences, and targets.
      • You will also be able to see your activity summary (weekly accumulated steps, miles, and your best result).

      Notification Preferences for Phone Calls and Messages

      App Setting=>Message Push Setting

      Note (this will only work if during the set up you had provided the permissions for Push Notifications. If not, you may need to reinstall the app as adjust your phone settings in your Configuration)

      Tap the Applications you are looking to get the notifications from (Green=enabled).

      Alarm set up

      You can set up to 8 one off or recurring alarms.

      To set the alarm please make sure that you have the Tracker close to your phone and it is bind to the Application.

      App Setting=>Alarm Setting=tap plus sign (+) to add an alarm=set the alarm=>Confirm

      Once the set up in complete, the phone and the Tracker will sync up and the Tracker will be set for the scheduled Alarm even if the phone is not connected at the time it is scheduled to go off.

      Sedentary reminders

      You can set a reminder for the Tracker to remind  you to keep moving periodically. You can set a frequency between 45-120 mins during a set timeframe.

      App Setting=>Long Sit Reminder=> Remind? (Green to turn on) Select the frequency and timeframe.

      Screen on when you lift your arm

      App Setting=>Lift wrist to bright screen=Is Active? (Green to turn on) Select the time frame.

      Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)


      App Setting=>DND mode=> Is Active? (Green to turn on) Select the time frame.

      Vibration for Notifications

      If you would like to have the Tracker vibrate to notify you of the phone calls or messages, turn the vibration setting on. If you don’t, you will only get a notification on your watch with no vibration.

      App Setting=>Other Settings=> Vibrate Setting? (Green to turn on)


      • Short press the Touchkey to switch between the screens
      • Long press the Touchkey to open the sub-menu (Sports, More) or review the last 3 messages

      Time interface

      Once you bind the Tracker to the App, it will automatically sync up the time to align with your time zone.

      To adjust the time for Day Time Saving or any reason, start the App and it will sync up the time for you.

      To switch the time from 24 (Military standard) to 12-hour time standard, hold the Touchkey for 3 seconds.

      Step Count

      The Tracker will count the steps based on your body and hand movement. It will display your daily number, resetting the count to zero automatically at mid-night. You can refer to the App for the stats for the previous day, week, and month.     


      The distance is an estimation based on the step count.

      Calories Burned

      The calories burned number is an estimation based on the step count.

      Heart Rate, Blood pressure, Oxygen Level

      To ensure the heart rate functionality is working, the Tracker must be connected to the App. Please refer to the User Manual or Quick Start Guide for the instructions.

      Once the Tracker and the App are in sync, please follow the instructions below to initiate the measurement Home=>HR=>Start measuring:

      1. Please start the App FitPro

      2. Refresh the connection by pressing the Refresh sign in the top right corner of the App Home screen

      3. Tap HR (with heart rate symbol) on the Home screen

      4. Tap Start Measuring.

      You  should be able to see the results on the App and on the Tracker display.

      Sports Menu=>Long press for Running, Skipping & Sit-ups Tracking

      This interface allows you to track the duration of your exercise, and calories burned in a sub-set of data.

      Long press Sports => Long Press Running, Skip Rope or Sit-ups to initiate tracking.

      Long press to finish tracking.

      Once you exit, the Tracker will add the stats in this sub-set to your daily record.

      Sleep Tracking

      The Tracker is detecting activities based on the movement. When you have not moved in over an hour after 10pm, and this is confirmed by sleep behavior (period of inactivity, rolling over, etc.), the algorithm assumes that sleep has begun. The device will automatically detect your deep sleep/shallow sleep/wake up all night and calculate your sleep quality based on your body movement. The Tracker will automatically transfer the sleep data to the app. Use the App to view daily, weekly, and monthly stats.  

      To see the notifications of the last 3 Messages

      Long press to access the last 3 messages. The wristband can display 20-40 words 

      Find Your Tracker Function 

      Note: It is only available while the Tracker is bind to the app and within the Bluetooth range.

      App setting=>Find (The Tracker will vibrate to make it easier to find it)

      Camera Remote 

      Note: It is only available while the Tracker is bind to the app and within the Bluetooth range. 

      App setting=>Remote Take Photos => Allow access to photos OK => Phone the camera to the desired position => shake your wrist to take a picture or tap the Touchkey.

      Device reset

      This feature will re-set the device to factory settings.  Note: this will also erase the step count data on your bracelet.

      Remove device

      Remove device This feature will erase data and remove the connection to the App and your phone.

      Basic parameters

      Equipment type

      Smart Wristband

      Type of battery

      Lithium polymer

      Vibration motor


      Method of Synchronization


      Operating Temperature



      Low power accelerometer

      System Requirements

      iOS9.0 and above/Android 5.0 and above


      1. Do not expose to hot water while bathing or showering as this may cause the Tracker to overhit. IP67 waterproof supports exposure to rain, sweat, and hand washing. Swimming is not recommended.
      2. Do not expose the bracelet to high moisture, high temperature, or very low temperatures for long periods of time.

      Is there any other supporting information available?