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You can sync up to 2 Deluxe Trackers to One cell, using different applications:

  •  TrendyFit  
  •  VeryFit Pro

Set up the 1st device on TrendyFit:

  1. Pick 1 Tracker keeping the others out of Bluetooth range.
  2. Ensure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is on.
  3. Install the TrendyFit App (don't open the App at this point)
  4. Plug your first Tracker into a USB socket away from other USB devices that may cause interference.

Please make sure you see the RED light that indicates that it’s charging. Tap the Touchkey on the Tracker screen to make sure the Tracker is not in the sleeping mode

  1. Open the TrendyFit App and run through the setup. You should now be able to select ID115 from the device list to complete the set-up process.
  2. Reboot the Tracker (an optional step in case you need to switch to AM/PM time mode):
  •  Press User on the bottom Menu => System Settings=> Reboot the device – this will reset the device to standard time (AM/PM) and align with your time zone.

Set up of the 2nd Tracker to the same phone using VeryFitPro App:

  1. Install the VeryFitPro App

Repeat the steps 2-6 as per above.