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Let’s just be real – our kids are growing up in a dramatically different world than we did,” said Ungureanu, a Canadian-based entrepreneur, and mother of two. “What if instead of expecting our kids to have childhoods like ours, we join them where THEY are and jump into their worlds?” 
Introducing TRENDY PRO a Fitness Tracker designed specifically to help kids get moving, set activity goals in a way they can relate to.
Tech is FUN – and SO hard to compete with. It’s time to stop fighting it and start using it in ways that are best for our kids,” said Ungureanu, CEO of TRENDY PRO.  
TRENDY PRO helps promote a healthy lifestyle by gamifying physical activity. With TRENDY PRO, you and your child can work together to set goals for fitness, sleep, and activity. Then watch as they have a blast tracking their progress each step of the way to a HEALTHIER, MORE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE! 
Plus TRENDY PRO gives you the chance to stay connected via cell with access to its own smartphone app.
You can check goal progress, create new goals, send reminders and notifications, and more from the palm of your hand to your child’s TRENDY PRO wristband. 
Setup is quick and easy, and each device comes with a built-in charging USB to make charging a breeze with no more tangled cords! 
Each TRENDY PRO comes with an extra bonus wristband in a color of your choice, allowing the child to mix and match bands with their outfits.
Plus, TRENDY PRO is waterproof, adjustable, and lightweight. Band sizes fit kids from age 7 all the way through adults.
And TRENDY PRO has a list of features that rivals any fitness tracker out there, including:
Activity Tracking 
Sleep Tracking
Silent Alarms 
Sedentary Reminders
Call, Text and Social App Alerts
Remote Camera Control
Find Phone
Tracker Data Storage Activity 
Strava Integration
The next line of products scheduled for release just in time for Christmas 2019 is designed based on the idea of “gamification” of kids’ activities.
Every parent would like to see their kids active, playing with friends and genuinely enjoying the time away from the screen. “Gamification” is very effective because it encourages physical activity by making it fun like a game. No nagging required!” said Oxana.
The new exciting game called “Scavenger Hunt, Spy edition” includes Walkie Talkies. The players will become a part of the imaginary spy environment, taking turns playing as Spy Master, Mission, and Base Leader. The kids will learn coding/decoding in spy language, communicating over 2-way radio, observing surroundings while looking for Scavenger Hunt objects indoors or outside.
The kids love pretend play. Why don’t we leverage this to promote imagination and creativity by engaging kids in a Spy game, where everyone is a Hero on a mission to save the World.
The Scavenger Hunt is not the only new product scheduled for release by TRENDY PRO this fall…
If you love seeing your kids being active and having fun, you will love our new toy called Trendy Zip, a flying mini drone suitable for all ages! Imagine seeing your child’s excitement when they see Zip take flight for the very first time!
Trendy Zip features built-in lights that will transport your kids into a world of sci-fi and imagination. Zip is hand controlled and simple, so suitable for all ages. Playing outside with friends has never been more fun!   
TRENDY PRO promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness, exercise, and healthy sleep habits for the whole family,” said Ungureanu.
It lets parents and kids set goals together and cheer each other on, each step of the way.” 

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