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How is my TRENDY PRO charged?

Your TRENDY PRO is charged by USB and can be plugged into any USB port on a computer, phone/tablet charger, or power bank. You no longer need to worry about lost or messy cables.  

Why won’t my TRENDY PRO Tracker charge?

  The most common problems are:
  1. The wrong end of the TRENDY PRO Tracker is inserted into the USB port (make sure you see two gold strips)
  2. The two gold charging strips are not facing the four charging contacts inside the USB port (if the green battery sign does not come on the screen, flip the Tracker over facing the other side and try again)
  3. The device that is used for charging is not compatible with the Tracker for charging (Please try a different device or USB port

What Should I do if I the Tracker Doesn't Charge After I Followed the Instructions?

Please let us know.  If your tracker is not working when you got it, we will replace it fast and at no charge to you.

Is my TRENDY Fitness Tracker Waterproof?

TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker is certified IP67 waterproof (sweat-proof, rain-proof). We recommend that you only use it for day-to-day activities like washing your hands. We don't recommend that you swim with it or leave it submerged in water.

Why am I not getting phone and message notifications on my Tracker?

Please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and that the following settings are turned under the Setting tab of the App:
Setting=>Message Push Setting:

  •  Call Remind (for the incoming calls), 
  • SMS Alert (for the incoming text messages), 
  • Other alerts as required for social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). 

Please hit refresh button on the main Application screen to sync up the new setting with your Tracker.

How do I set the time and date?

The date and time will align with your time zone automatically when you pair your Fitness Tracker to your phone during the set-up process. If you need to change the time in the future (e.g., the clocks have gone back/forward), please start the App on your phone and tap the refresh sign on the Home application screen.

Why can't I bind the tracker to the App?

If during the initial application installation something went wrong (battery died, the app didn't install properly, permissions were not provided, etc), the Tracker may not connect on the first try.

The phone may also reject your additional attempts to connect if the Bluetooth connection was established with another device.

  1. Uninstall the application (remove from the phone)
  2. Find Bluetooth connections on your phone and Forget the connection with the Fitness Tracker (most likely starts with 115 or Trendy).
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Switch off Bluetooth and switch it back on.
  5. Complete Factory reset of the Tracker (in App settings, look for Device Re-set or Reboot).
  6. Ensure that the Tracker is charged
  7. Re-install the Application.
  8. Bind the Tracker by following the App prompts.
  9. Please accept permissions for the Application to establish a Bluetooth connection.
Note for Android users: 
  • Set FirPro as a trusted app on your phone's app permission manager
  • Allow "FitPro" to run in the background.
  • You may need to reconnect/bind your device after some Android version upgrades.

 Why isn’t my activity data showing in the app?

To sync your activity data from your tracker with the App on your smart phone, start FitPro App and initiate the refresh by pressing a refresh sign in the top right corner of the Home Application screen. This will initiate a sync of the data between the devices.

How to set up the recurring Alarms?

Tap FitPro=>Setting=>Alarm Setting to set your desired Alarms

I set the alarms for my daughter. Does she need to be near the phone to get an alarm or a reminder?

The Tracker does not need to be near the phone to get a previously configured reminder or alarm. That said, you do need the  phone to be close to the Tracker while you are setting up the alarms and reminders.
Also, please remember to synchronize your Fitness Tracker with the App before exiting the app. To do so, tap a refresh sign on the Home Application screen. Once the sync up is complete, your new settings are enabled on the Tracker and you no longer need to be close to the phone for the alarm to go off.

I disabled the message notifications on the App. Why do I keep getting them on the tracker?

Please keep in mind that the Tracker needs to be in a close proximity while you change any settings or enable/disable any functions using the Application.
Also before exiting the App, please remember to synchronize the Tracker with the App.
To do so, please tap a refresh sign on the Main/Home Application screen. 

Is there anything I can do to improve the precision of the step count?

Yes! Thank you for the question! 
The exact height and weight is important for the precision of the step count. So please make sure to set it up correctly in the App.
Also, please keep the band tight on the wrist to improve the precision of the measurements.
In addition, we recommend holding the hand wearing the Tracker at the heart level while measuring the blood pressure. 

How can I check my health measurements?

Start the App=>Locate HR section on the main application screen, tap it.

You can tap Start Measuring or you can check the previous records.

What if the kids don't have a phone yet? 

The TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker is a smart device with multiple features, like notifications, reminders, alarms, etc. that are managed using a smart phone application.
Therefore, we highly recommend setting up your child’s Tracker on your phone to take advantage of these features.  

I walked a couple of steps but the tracker is not showing any steps on the screen. Why is it not counting every step?

The Tracker is a smart device that identifies motion based on the position. The algorithm is designed to be able to determine whether the person is making steps or just waving hands. Therefore the step count may show up on the screen in batches, not step by step. You may even see the step count to drop if the Tracker determines that the overall behavior suggests that the person was not moving. 

My Tracker is constantly loosing the Bluetooth Connection with the App, is that a problem?

Generally speaking, the Tracker counts steps, distance, etc independently from the phone. The Tracker has an internal memory that holds the data until the sync up and then it transmits in batches.

Once you established the Bluetooth connection with the App during the initial setup, the phone remembers the "coordinates" and should re-sync with no effort. If the tracker gets out of the phone Bluetooth range, it is possible for the Tracker and phone to get out of sync but it should be easy to trigger the sync up by starting the app and refreshing the connection once they are close again.

To trigger the sync up, start the App and do a refresh on the main homepage screen as follows:

Trendy Plus, Glow, Trendy Puppy, or Super Trendy (USB Charging, color screen)

  1. Start FitPro
  2. Tap the refresh sign in the top right corner of the App Home screen
  3. You should see the confirmation on the screen.

My daughter wants to see her route that she walks during gym at school but she doesn’t have a phone during school. Does the device have to be near the phone at all times to show the GPS route she walked?

The phones that are designed for stand-alone GPS functionality have a slot for a sim-card with an ongoing monthly charge to enable the GPS function. 

Our Fitness Trackers are designed to leverage the phone's GPS functionality, which is more cost-effective, however, this comes at a cost of the inconvenience as you need to have the phone handy.

How can I track my GPS route when I run or walk?

Tap Motion on the App=> select Walking, Running or Riding on the top of the screen=>Press Start

Note: if you have not logged in yet, the App may prompt you to log in

Once you finish your run, swipe the bottom  lever and tap End.

The data accumulated for the run will be added to the overall daily step count.  

Is there more information available?

Please visit our Quick Start Page for the setup instructions and awesome tips.