The common connectivity issues are:

1. The phone is not compatible (Compatible with: Apple iOS 9.0 and above and Android 5.0 or above, e. g. released after 2015)

2. The Bluetooth on your phone is off (must be on)

3. During the installation of the Application the permission to connect was not provided

4. Another device is already connected to the App (only 1 Tracker can connect to the App)    

If during the initial application installation something went wrong (battery died, the app didn't install properly, permissions were not provided, etc), you may need to clear unsuccessful connections and reinstall FitPro again.

Clear unsuccessful Connections:

  1. Uninstall the application (remove from the phone)
  2. Find Bluetooth connections on your phone and Forget the Connection with the Fitness Tracker (starts with 115).
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Ensure that the Tracker is charged


  1. Re-install the Application (FitPro from the App store). 
  2. Provide the App the permission to use Bluetooth (tap OK)
  3. Log in/Register/or Jump over/Skip (tap top right corner)
  4. Bind the Tracker to the App:

    FitPro=>Settings=>Bind Device (top of the page)

  5. Select 115 device on the list of the available devices.

  6. IMPORTANT: Give permissions for the Bluetooth Pairing request (Pair). You should see device 115 now connected in the top right corner of the App=>Settings

  7. Allow the App to provide push notifications and other services as prompted by the App. 

If you have an Android, you may not get a pop-up requesting your permission to pair. On some Android devices, the pairing notification is shown in the Android notification bar after you have selected the fitness tracker you want to connect to. 

  • Set FitPro as a trusted app on your phone's app permission manager
  • Allow "FitPro" to run in the background.
  • You may need to reconnect/bind your device after any major Android version upgrades.  

    On-going Bluetooth sync up

    Generally speaking, the Tracker counts steps, distance, etc independently from the phone. The Tracker has an internal memory that holds the data until the sync up and then it transmits in batches.

    Once you established the Bluetooth connection with the App during the initial setup, the phone remembers the "coordinates" and should re-sync with no effort. If the tracker gets out of the phone Bluetooth range, it is possible for the Tracker and phone to get out of sync but it should be easy to trigger the sync up by starting the app and refreshing the connection once they are close again.

    To trigger the sync up, start the App and do a refresh on the main homepage screen as follows:

    Trendy Plus, Glow, Trendy Puppy, or Super Trendy (USB Charging, color screen)

    1. Start FitPro
    2. Tap the refresh sign in the top right corner of the App Home screen
    3. You should see the confirmation on the screen. 

    Continue with the set up steps (Quick Start Page)