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The TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker is a smart device with multiple features, like notifications, reminders, alarms, etc. that are managed using a phone application.

Therefore, we highly recommend setting up your child’s Tracker on your phone to take advantage of the features.  

Apple App Store for Apple-based phones:   


    Google Play for Android-based phones:  


    Set up the 1st device on TrendyYouPlus or TrendyYouPro:

    1. Pick one of the Trackers keeping the others out of the range.
    2. Ensure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is on.
    3. Install the App (TrendyYouPlus or TrendyYouPro)
    4. Bind to the first Fitness Tracker device. You should be able to see ID115 from the device list to complete the binding process.
    5. Run through the rest of the set up as prompted.

    If you are not sure which to the devices to connect to, you can check the Device serial number on your Tracker screen. Continue pressing the Touch Key on the Tracker until you reach the screen marked with an exclamation mark (!)

    How to Find the Serial Number of Trendy Pup Kids Fitness Tracker

    Set up of the 2nd Tracker on the same phone using JYouPro App:

    1. Install the JYouPro App

    Repeat the steps as per the above.


    Visit the Quick Start Guide page for additional information and helpful tips that will you to become more familiar with your new device.