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TRENDY PRO Guardian Angel explains how to charge your TRENDY PRO

1. Please pull out the band on the side of the Tracker next to the Touchkey (little button on the Tracker screen) to reveal 2 gold charging strips

2. Insert the Tracker into the USB port for charging. The Red light should come on indicating that the Tracker is charging.
  • IMPORTANT: If the RED light is NOT on, please take the Tracker out of the USB adaptor and insert it back facing the opposite side of the room (flip it around - up vs down). The Red light should come on.

3. Please leave the Tracker charging with the Red light on for 1-2 hours.

4. Take it out of the USB adaptor. Tap the Touchkey. The Tracker will “wake up” and display a steady non-fleshing display showing the time and date.

5. You can now install the Application to sync up with your timezone as per Manual or Quick Startup Guide

NOTE: If you have you don’t get the expected results, e.g. you don’t get the Red light during charging or the Tracker does not “wake up” after charging, please contact us at mysupport@trendy-pro.com with your Order number and photos supporting your claim. We will make sure to resolve it for you under Warranty.