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Hi! Welcome to TRENDY PRO Family!

My name is Oxana Ungureanu. I am the founder and CEO of TRENDY PRO.

About two years ago in winter I realized that I am losing the connection with my girls. We spent days attached to our devices, barely talking to each other, making excuses for watching another Youtube video, or liking someone else’s post. We had no common family activities and we spent weekends watching TV while snacking on whatever was handy.

My girls were growing fast and I was missing it!  

This had to stop! I had to find a solution, a way to reconnect with the girls, find new exciting projects, that would encourage the family to spend time together, being active and healthy.

And that’s how TRENDY PRO was born.

At TRENDY PRO, our mission is to support parents to keep their family, along with their kids, active and healthy. We encourage family and community connections through the use of positive, child-friendly technology. We work together with kids to design kids-friendly products that encourage physical activity.  We inspire family connections with love… every step of the way.

Are you with us?  Join our community of like-minded parents who only want the best for their kids here.

Also, as part of the TRENDY PRO family, we’d like you to be the first one to know about important news from us.