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DELUXE Fitness Tracker, Extra Band in BLUE

$29.85 $49.99 saving $20.14
DELUXE Fitness Tracker, Extra Band in BLUE

DELUXE Fitness Tracker, Extra Band in BLUE

$29.85 $49.99 saving $20.14

Band Fits Kids from 5 to Adult
Extended Battery Life (5-7 days)
Silent Alarms and Notifications
Easy to change bands (a kid can do it)
1-year Hassle-Free Replacement
Kids Goal Tracking Reward Chart
Extra Free Color Band
Easy Charge on any USB port

Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker Fit Bit Fit-Bit Pedometer Step Counter Girls Boys

NEW 2020 RELEASE – IMPROVED & SMALLER BANDS (Kids 5+) and New Custom App TrendyFit, functions: 

  • Activity Tracking: TRENDY PRO records daily activities including steps, distance, and calories burned. Stats can be checked on your tracker anytime, or you can get a more detailed view using the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro App on your smartphone or device.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Tracks how long and deep you sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, and duration awake.
  • Silent Alarms: 10 standalone or recurring alarms.
  • Sedentary Reminders: Can be programmed to send gentle reminders to stay active throughout the day at regular intervals of your choice from the app. These reminders can be alternatively set for other regular tasks, like drinking water and washing hands.
  • Call, Text, and Social App Alerts: Notifications for incoming calls, text messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Remote Camera Control: Love a good selfie? Use your TRENDY PRO to remotely trigger photos taken with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Strava Integration: The App integrates with “Strava”, a social fitness network app that allows tagging and challenges with friends and family.
  • Product Support: Lifetime Technical Support, Company based in North America
  • Compatibility: The majority of Apple (4s+, iPad 3+, iPod Touch 5+) and Android (4.5+) based devices, although there are some rare exceptions in the case of lesser-known brands or old devices. Windows-based computers are not supported. 

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