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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Tracker Deluxe Edition

How is my TRENDY PRO charged?

Why won’t my TRENDY PRO Tracker charge?

Why can’t I pair my Tracker?

Why can’t I take pictures?

Why isn’t my step counter working correctly?

Why isn’t my sleep tracked correctly?

Why does my Tracker display distance in Km and not in Miles?

Why isn’t my activity data showing in the App?

Why can’t I see all functions on my Tracker?

How do I complete factory reset of my TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker?

How do I install the TrendyFit/VeryFitPro/VeryFit 2.0 App on an iPad?

Is my cell phone/tablet compatible?

Is my TRENDY Fitness Tracker Waterproof?

Why am I not getting call, text, or social notifications on my TRENDY Fitness Tracker?

How do I set the time and date?

How can I look at the accumulated number of steps without turning off the sport mode?

I purchased TRENDY PRO for my child, and she/he does not have a phone. Can we use it in stand-alone mode?

I’d like to connect two of my kids’ Trackers to one cell phone/tablet. Can I do that?

I would like to provide a positive encouragement to ensure my child is active. How can I do that?